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…..just look at this exquisite arrangement by Amy How did I comes to be so blessed!

IMG 0647

….and how you may ask did I come to be the possessor of such beauty?  Dear Amy brought these two exquisite arrangements to me that had been part of her floral display at the Castaway in Burbank earlier in the day.

IMG 0644

It’s probably best to begin at the beginning and so I shall.  Amy was one of the vendors for an event at The Castaway high up in the Burbank foothills with a sweeping view of L.A.  

IMG 0639

The theme was weddings and there was a fashion show of bridal gowns in which two of Amy’s bouquets were featured.

IMG 0618

IMG 0583

IMG 0627

…..and vendors with cakes….

IMG 0628

….and other such ‘stuff’ a bride to be would need.

Here’s Amy alongside a banner taken from her beautiful daughters wedding.  Absolutely stunning! Amy is holding another bridal bouquet.

IMG 0574

Here’s the two beauties, Amy with daughter Marianna, both as sweet as they are beautiful.

IMG 0598

This is a section of Amy’s display so you can get some idea of what it looked like….

IMG 0582

A closer look at the ‘Candy Station’.

IMG 0581

Amy with Alex her PR guru.

IMG 0621

And that dear friends is the story of the floral largesse.  May your week be filled with beauty!

IMG 0637

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