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The cuteness parade began early Tuesday morning with Nikka bringing in the most amazing grouping of birthday balloons including a gynormous one!

IMG 8620

Then there were gifts galore and cards, cards, cards.

 IMG 8747


IMG 8759

IMG 8760

As you can see…..Kita wanted to help!

IMG 0657

Let’s hear it for the cake….

IMG 0675

Looks sooooo yummy….

IMG 0688

Time for the birthday boy to check out the presents….

IMG 0702

Then I was off to the Vets so Kita could get a bath and be ‘dog sat’ until 7:00 ….her diet is working…wish mine was!

IMG 8662

Birthday dinner at Bar Verde (surprised?)

IMG 0726


And finally….time for that cake!

IMG 0744

Happy birthday darling, I love you with all my heart!

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