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…..and who better to enjoy this great musical with than Sandie Girl and Dr. Jim.  I am getting so spoiled having everyone pick me up at mom’s but it really is so convenient for all…..On the way to the Pantages, Sandie showed me the Christmas Stocking she had finished for Jacob…AKA Jakey.  It is so utterly amazing I immediately wanted to open up a needlepoint shop with Sandie as the chief creator.  The variety, complexity and sheer brilliance of the stitchery knocked me out.  Here…. see for yourself!


IMG 9124

Up close……

IMG 9122

They’re used to my taking a photo of every moment and gladly (I hope) comply.

IMG 9138

Just before the show, Sandie & I were chatting away & I said…”Did I tell you I saw Gone Girl last week”……Well….by the way Sandie looked at me …..oh dear…..”Did I see it with you?”  says I.  This is definitely not good but I’m trying to get over it.  Hope I remember seeing Jersey Boys with them.

IMG 9139

The Pantages lets out around 4:00 and many places are closed on Sundays or don’t open until 5:30 – 6:00.  I suggested Little Dom’s on Hillhurst as we could always sit in the bar until 5:30 and snack away.  

IMG 9144

As it turned out, a table in the bar opened up and we decided to just stay there, snack and have dinner which you can order from the bar as well.  For starters….Little Dom’s does have the best pizza….nice thin crust and great toppings which Jim selected.

IMG 9147

Then we had this fig thingie….good but not terribly ‘figgie’….

IMG 9151

Our server was terrific and went along with all our carrying on…….

IMG 9150


I thought this was yummy but no surprise as I’m such a carnivore.

IMG 9153

Unfortunately dessert was a hot mess so I won’t show you.

Sandie Girl came over the next day and we had great fun working on Christmas cards.  

IMG 9161

For the bonus round Sandie brought dinner from Julienne’s on Mission in San Marino.  Always a yummy treat….thank you Sandie!

IMG 9165

Next day cute Cris came to the studio…..

IMG 9170

Now here’s the thing….you know how Kita loves to jump up and dance with everyone….well, with Connor she decided to show off how well she can shake hands…or is that paws…

IMG 9191

I digress…..why is this stuff from the Trader’s so yummy!  It has just too many calories if you eat the whole thing as I am prone to do….oh dear…

IMG 9195

Errands at Americana brought me back to Bar Verde but somehow it’s not the same without Chef Lauren.  The skirt steak was very tasty but missing the secret ingredient…

IMG 9202

It was Aliced in Wonderland day at Sephora and the White Rabbit was there….

IMG 9204

….another White Rabbit? Or is it the Red Queen with ears???

IMG 9205

I’m not quite sure why Trudy thought this football would be a good toy for Kita.  It lasted about 30 minutes.  Oh well, it is the thought that counts….isn’t it?

IMG 9233

Cheesecake Factory was the dinner of choice at mom’s Thursday and I’ve figured out if I phone them about 20 minutes ahead my order will await pickup when I walk in. I always get the Skinnylicious Salmon so I can devour the bread and butter.  I guess I’m kidding myself aren’t I? 

IMG 9250

Friday I had the most delightful time at Diane’s.  You can see why I’m smiling so because right behind me….

IMG 9255

….are these wonderful horses….

IMG 9252

After a delicious lunch….

IMG 9264

I was given the grand tour and it was like being in an English Mannor House!

IMG 9267

For those of you who do not know, Diane’s husband Peter was the only actor licensed by the Trustees of the A.A. Milne estate to read the ‘Pooh’ stories on stage and in live performances.  He was every single voice!!!….yes, the one and only, delightful Pooh Bear!

IMG 9272

And Diane’s home is truly a treasure trove of memorabilia….

IMG 9276

Yes, that’s the one and only Christopher Robin!

IMG 9279

A.A. Milne

IMG 9282

Soooooo Cute….

IMG 9283

Actual road sign from their home in England…


IMG 9269

Being an actress Diane payed homage to the great theatrical stars of times past.  This is so very clever as she made copies of photo’s of the greats that she had and pasted them throughout the ‘loo’.

IMG 9270

There are so many hummingbirds around the feeders but they got too shy when I wanted to take a photo…You can barely see one perched on a branch….

IMG 9289

This magnificent fellow was spotted on the way to Shadow Hills and he thoughtfully remained in the same place in order for me to take his picture as I returned home.

IMG 9292

Class Saturday was great fun as I tortured everyone with the Mum leaf!

IMG 9294

But after lunch….

IMG 9295

Clara painted a beautiful Peony…….

IMG 9300

Kathy, thank you for these….I din’t think I was supposed to eat so many at once but it was like popcorn and besides, they’re small!

IMG 9301

Nikka and I spent the rest of the day/evening working on a new website….more on that later.

Have a wonderful week!

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