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……no really, I mean that literally.  A loud bang!  

The best seats acoustically at Disney Hall are in the nose bleed section but who can tolerate that???

IMG 1235

I went back to sitting in my favorite spot at Disney Hall…..facing the conductor.  It’s fun to watch his face and even more fun to be up close to the percussionists!

 This particular day was perfect for that as every percussionist was working or should I say banging and tinging? Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff & Bernstein.

IMG 1251

Happy ‘selfie’ me!

IMG 1243

One of the best kept secrets foodie wise is the Patina Cafe in Disney Hall and if you hit it right everything will be fresh from Patina’s kitchen! They were just finishing up placing all of this good stuff as I waited somewhat patiently with my tray.

IMG 1262

I just pile it on and then get their chili to go with an extra one for mom.IMG 1264

Clara worked in the studio the next day while I was in and out.

IMG 1312

Charles’ visiting nurse, Michael the mailman and Amy had their allotted time with puppy.

IMG 1275

The nurse administered a little mouth to mouth!IMG 1277

You know how much puppy loves this mailman.IMG 1285

Even Amy got in on it….That’s it……..can you please scratch a little to the left?

IMG 1296

So, as Amy sets up the dining room table for Christmas, Clara continues on her landscape masterpiece.


IMG 1307

IMG 1311

IMG 1318

IMG 1329

Time for a little FaceTime with mom….

IMG 1345

I’m hungry….’Come on Clara….let’s go to dinner’!  Whoops….Kita dashed out the front door and we all ran down the hill playing her little game of catch me if you can.  Note to self:  Always carry a high value treat.

Here we are at Brand 158.  I’d been wanting to try it as their menu sounds fantastic….all farm fresh yummies.  I think we ordered everything and sorry to say the seasoning was just to hot for our tastes.

IMG 1349

When Sandie Girl came over the next day with friend Juli we had puppy cordoned off but that did not deter her from trying to jump over the sofa to play with Juli.IMG 1393

I had to show off Amy’s handiwork….

IMG 1369

…..and Sandie did show and tell about her fantabulous Bluebird card.

IMG 1387

O.K. peeps, enough of the fun and frivolity…let’s go to the studio….for more fun and frivolity!

IMG 1378

As you can see, Juli is model lovely, so very smart and as sweet as Sandie Girl if that is possible!

IMG 1383

Next day was class at the Huntington and I was thrilled to pieces to have Lissi Kaplan join us. Lissi is the gifted porcelain painter, artiste extraordinaire, who does all the place settings for the high teas at the Peninsula and Montage hotels in Beverly Hills among so many other places.IMG 1443

We did Snowy Bamboo with a moon and Dory and Elizabeth are discussing Dory’s beautiful painting.

IMG 1435

Thank you Jessica for the best cookies in the universe! It’s been difficult for me to share these.

IMG 1448

Thursday was Christmas shopping at Hermes and just by chance I wandered up to the new third floor.  (Shoes used to be on the 2nd in the old building.) As I turned the corner from the elevator who should be there but Reza….Mr. Man About Town and Grade A Hermes addict!  I hung around for a couple of hours, helping Reza to select a bag (my solution…..get them both) and we even got treated to champagne!IMG 1491

I knew I’d be in trouble driving home and decided not to take Coldwater.  Reza tried to give me a different route but I got so confused that I just went down Sunset, got to Los Feliz and then on to Americana to pick up dinner for mom and Nikka.  This little guy felt as I did while on the ‘parking lot’ that was Los Feliz Blvd.IMG 1494Friday night, time for Valerie’s annual Christmas party.  I honestly don’t know how I made it over there ……didn’t take as many photo’s as I usually do and couldn’t stay very long.

IMG 1516

Vanya, Valerie’s sister with dear Carol.

IMG 1519


Here’s lovely Elaine Adams, the major force behind the California Art Club….amazingly talented wife of artist Peter Adams and the Director of American Legacy Fine Arts Gallery. All too cute Irina P. is the Curator of Public Programs for the Gallery.IMG 1525

And Here’s Peter….plein air artiste extraordinaire.  Did  I ever mention that I had met Peter in the ’70’s when he was assistant to Theodore Lukits who taught a classic technique dating back to the Renaissance?  I didn’t last there very long but always remembered Peter as being such a gentleman and kind soul. 

IMG 1507Gosh I sure thought I took a photo of the food.  It was sublime.  Really!  Thank you Josie, you’re amazing!

IMG 1523Do I even have to tell you this is Valerie’s dog?

IMG 1521

 Time to leave and did I ever have a strange encounter waiting for my car.  I was placing something on the back seat and this gentleman said “It’s best to put it on the floor.  Let me help you.”  Well, no fuss me says “That’s O.K., I have a 105 lb Akita who travels in here so it really doesn’t matter.”  Turns out he is the head of an Akita rescue organization and of course we did major bonding as I showed him puppy’s photo.  This is so my life.

IMG 1522

Remember….IMG 1400

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