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……was the best ever…..or do I say that every year?  Everyone brings a special dish for lunch and we all go totally wild. Kc has instructions not to come if she doesn’t bring her smoked salmon specialty that’s on sourdough with an amazing cheese spread dotted with capers. They’re half gone here.  Soooooo good!

IMG 1593

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Nikka finished trimming the tree and setting up her adorable little vignettes all over the place.  They’re hidden surprises!

IMG 1540

This scenario took a little doing.  It’s Santa in his sled….

IMG 1553

There’s tissue paper underneath for snow….

IMG 1558

Then the reindeer have to be attached with golden reins.

IMG 1560

IMG 1567

Can you stand it???  On to the party.  How cute is this card from Kc….it’s the reason Kita isn’t allowed into the studio.  Thank you Kc for this keeper of a card and for the beautiful plant.

IMG 1575

Kathy makes the most delicious Chinese Chicken Salad and we got the recipe for the dressing.  It went beautifully with Pam’s yummy duck!

IMG 1582

Colleen brought about 50 pounds of treats from Porto’s! Who brought the Spring Rolls?

IMG 1580

Lots of sweets and cakes and breads.

IMG 1594

Kathy gifts everyone with a beautiful calendar for the coming year that has her exquisite art work featured at the top.

IMG 1573

Here it is!

IMG 1723

O.K. Laurie, put down the bunny and no one will get hurt.

IMG 1626

What’s going on here….everyone wants Bunny!

IMG 1618

We can all relax….bunny is safe!

IMG 1619

Everyone finally settled down and got back to painting.  Dear Amy is doing such lovely work.

IMG 1606

This is one of the paintings Clara worked on earlier in the week.  I had mounted them for her as a surprise so she could see how extraordinary they are!

IMG 1612

Thank you one and all for making this day so very special and for all your touching, lovely gifts that mean so much to me as do you all. It’s been a grand and glorious year and you’ve done so many beautiful paintings that gladden my heart.


 Here’s Saturday’s studio class sending love and Merry Christmas wishes to you!!!

IMG 1598




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