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…..rounded out the celebrating.  It’s always something I really look forward to and the fun and frivolity is matched only by the great food.  Seems that all the guests are ‘accomplished foodies’ and bring a favorite dish to the party.  (I managed to bring myself!)

The stockings (an array of Sandie’s awesome needlepoint) were hung by the chimney with care…..but the fire’s on so Santa beware!

IMG 1869

The tree bright and sparkly with presents to bare……

IMG 1872

O.K., enough of that.  Let’s get on with the food……

Sandie Girl did the most amazing salmon rub…..

IMG 1863

IMG 1862

IMG 1864

Instructions were given….

IMG 1865

Along with directions for the appetizers…..The blue cheese goes onto the cracker followed by a honeycomb drizzle which is then topped by a candied pecan…..soooo good!

IMG 1866

Meanwhile Jim was explaining his new ‘Rabbit’.

IMG 1859

Is this a beautiful table or what!  So elegant…..

IMG 1870

Bob contributed the squash/corn soup.  Pancetta on top of goat cheese made a perfect combination.This was so delicious I had to get seconds.  Piggy piggy! 

IMG 1873

This salad, made by Linda with it’s Roquefort dressing, was so refreshing I had to get a second helping atop my entree.

IMG 1908

So out of control….

IMG 1910

During dinner Jim gave one of his famous quizzes and the group got a B-.  The question that was for the five and under group was a puzzlement.  Does anyone remember ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”????

After dinner there was the opening of the presents……Linda didn’t want to return the amazingly soft throw made from Bamboo!  Could not believe it!!!

IMG 1917

Sandie and Jim went to it like that five year old I mentioned….no offense folks….

IMG 1916

Another Linda taking a picture of me taking her picture.  Sound familiar???

IMG 1920

Well, I didn’t get a photo of everyone but promise to do better next year (if I’m invited back).  I had to be home by nine and so I missed the absolutely hysterical charades that  I do love so much!  Bummer…..

Next day, class in the studio and everyone did beautifully.  I am so beyond description proud.

IMG 1924

It was great fun and that is what I wish for you in the coming year!

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