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Carol’s a STAR….always was, always will be. Quite possibly the most gracious woman on planet earth…… when she introduces you to someone you wonder who on earth is that amazing person she’s talking about.  I’ve blogged about the Salon at Carol and Richard’s where I’ve been privileged to speak twice and where  Carol gathers the most fascinating, talented people around her like a magnet.

So, when there was a phone call asking me to join her for a tour of the Autry Museum’s exhibit on Route 66 I only had to ask ‘what time’!

IMG 1926

The route was replaced by the Eisenhower Interstate System although you can still travel upon it from Chicago to the Santa Monica pier where it ends.

IMG 1940

IMG 1941

IMG 1930

People were asked to post their thoughts and this one is from someone who originally lived in Chicago….

IMG 1942

IMG 1943IMG 1965

In case you’re wondering, this is a 1960 classic….IMG 1928

IMG 1932

IMG 1931

IMG 1935

IMG 1934

IMG 1936

IMG 1953

Thank you dear Carol for this great serendipity!IMG 1967

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