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In the middle of the ocean, that’s where!  Let’s not quibble, it wasn’t actually in the middle….I’ll just say on the ocean.  Headed for Ensenada if you must know.  Actually you’re pretty much in California most of the way so it’s a lot of fuss to have your passport and such for the journey.

I was not alone, having 26 traveling companions.  Curious?  Kathy and David Wong, their progeny and assorted relatives along with Clara and myself.  Clara was  my roomie…more on that later. It was to be a short journey so I was able to say yes when invited… glad!

Thank you Sandie Girl for this delightful bag which served me in good stead as my additional piece of ‘luggage’!

IMG 2432

I took a cab to Kathy’s not wanting to fight the traffic and almost stayed behind with Mochi, their adorable Akita.  He’s the same age as Kita but far better behaved and is a true love muffin. I am totally crazy for this dog!

IMG 2433

IMG 2438

Sorry Mochi…..we have to go now….

IMG 2440

And we were off to San Pedro to board the Crown Princess…..IMG 2444

Me and my roomie Clara……IMG 2676

I trusted that we would not have to avail ourselves of these lifeboats.

IMG 2449

Shades of the Titanic……did I mention that I was a cruise virgin?  Clara kept telling me I didn’t have to say that so loudly!IMG 2450

I don’t think I look like a cruise virgin.  Remember, Clara kept reminding me not to say that so loudly.

IMG 2512


Kathy and Clara as we begin checking things out….Kathy and her family are old hands at this having been all over the world several times over and on so many cruises they’re all Platinum or Elite card holders.  Lots of perks for them!  I found out later that I’m now a ‘Gold Member’ with some benefits………interesting.  Are you a cruise virgin as I was or have you done this so that you’re familiar with the routine?  Let me know…..IMG 2466

IMG 2468


IMG 2517

Our departure was delayed so there was a lot of drinking and dancing going on…..
IMG 2521

This is Radovan from Serbia.  He guided us through the Lotus Spa area….IMG 2470

IMG 2472

IMG 2473

IMG 2474

The gym…..IMG 2476

A selfie in the gym….can you find me?

IMG 2480

Lots of art everywhere….

IMG 2484

IMG 2485

Signing up for ‘treatments’……IMG 2486

Did I mention the gambling????IMG 2488

Another Titanic shot….IMG 2490

We’d usually find ourselves in the Cafe….Need I say why?IMG 2492

IMG 2493

Couldn’t resist the Gelato….

IMG 2495


IMG 2497

Attention….attention!!!!  Time for the drill.  Everyone was told to go to their Muster Station…

IMG 2646

Clara was not impressed and she & I were the only two on board who didn’t dash to our room to get our life vests.

IMG 2498

David & Kathy had theirs….IMG 2502

Clara borrowed Kathy’s for this shot….

IMG 2507

Now here’s where this blog gets really long.  Why you ask?  Because going on a cruise is really all about the food.  Isn’t it?  I’m not going to name the various dishes placed in front of me….I’ll just show you the photo’s of the mass consumption for each day. Keep in mind that no matter what you ordered you could always also get additional dishes of any sort…..I may of had four appetizers here…..

IMG 2536

IMG 2537IMG 2539

IMG 2540


At this point, trying to be good and ordering plain salmon was rather funny…..IMG 2541

Maybe I was saving for this crumble with double ice-cream…..IMG 2550

Yes, that was one meal and here’s what some of my table mates had. I could have also ordered these as well….

IMG 2542

IMG 2543

Of course I had to taste this….IMG 2551We would always ask for Papaya to aid digestion.  No kidding???

IMG 2554

Sweet Kaley came over to see what we were up to….IMG 2544

She is sooooo cute!

IMG 2548

Kathy and her sweet, sweet parents!IMG 2535

The next morning I decided to order in as I have no self control and the array of choices at the buffet would do me in!IMG 2555

I was glad the lifeboats were at hand but hopeful we would not experience them.  (Remember… virgin.)IMG 2557

Clara had no idea Kathy had come up behind her so this shot was so much fun….

IMG 2560

O.K. roomie…what should we do today?

IMG 2563

IMG 2565

To many choices, let’s just relax…..IMG 2568

Note to self…need bigger sunglasses……IMG 2590

IMG 2581

I know….let’s go shopping!

IMG 2597

I want them both….

IMG 2602

Everyone is telling me I need one of these Selfie Sticks….

IMG 2603

This is Aki from Japan.  We had a wonderful time talking about Kyoto.IMG 2607

Here’s Tyrone from Australia helping Clara and me get our credit cards on file for SHOPPING!!!! What’s so wonderful is that all the young people on staff are from all over the world and what’s so amazing is that with everyone we stopped to talk to….Clara had been to their country.  To say she’s a world traveler doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Even the Captain, Justin Lawes lives in Neath, South Wales.  Not sure if Clara has been there……probably has!

IMG 2608Did someone say lunch?  We went to the dining room for this which I thought was a good idea lessening the chance of gluttony on my part….

IMG 2611

Until I ordered the Ruben….

IMG 2614

So I then ordered a salad to balance it off…

IMG 2615

And of course Papaya which I really needed at this point….

IMG 2618

Clara and I opted for a movie. ‘ The 100 Foot Journey’ so we could see more pictures of food!

IMG 2638

IMG 2640

IMG 2643

What a wonderful family!  David & Kathy with Kaley, Matt and Erin!IMG 2649


Despite my handicap of not being Chinese, I think I’ve been adopted……IMG 2656

Let the feasting begin! I’ll just show you what I had….

IMG 2657

IMG 2660


IMG 2659

Time to clear one’s palate….

IMG 2661

Being good again…..IMG 2662

Maybe not so good…..IMG 2669

Also, I sampled the following….

IMG 2666

IMG 2664

Needing a rest….Clara & I went to the Explorers Lounge, plopped down and watched Cabaret Comic Uber Rossi.  He was so funny we decided he should skip all the life threatening acrobatics he does and stick with the comedy routine.

IMG 2687

This is Freddie, a Stateroom Steward from the Philippines.  I got a lot of mileage from the one word Nikka taught me…’sambalat’….which means thank you.IMG 2690

Clara patiently waiting for me…

IMG 2693

Next morning, another chance to use my one word….IMG 2697

IMG 2704

Starting the day the gluttony way….IMG 2710

Clara kept paced with me….IMG 2712

We were exhausted after that so it was off to another movie….’The Giver’.  Didn’t matter that we had seen it before….

IMG 2713

Checking out the library…..IMG 2922

Another Titanic shot….

IMG 2924

Did I mention the main purpose of a cruise?  Eating?  Wrong…..It’s DRINKING!  After I ordered a Margarita both Clara and Kathy convinced me that a Pina Colada was the only way to go.  I’m hooked….no longer a virgin at that either….

IMG 2946

We were in the ‘Elite Lounge’.  Remember I mentioned that after a gazillion trips you get to be here and have all sorts of treats …….IMG 2930Since we had not had enough food I sent Clara off to forage……

IMG 2933

IMG 2935

IMG 2936

Whoops, time for dinner….Here’s Nancy our all to capable server willing and able to bring us mass quantities of food.  My one word ( salamat) was put to good use.IMG 2947

This looked harmless enough….IMG 2949

Most everyone had the escargot…..

IMG 2950

This cucumber and yogurt soup was refreshingly good….

IMG 2952

Still trying to behave…..

IMG 2953

Last night aboard brought the presentation of the Baked Alaska by the chefs…..

IMG 2956

IMG 3018So of course I had to have some……(used to love making this…’s actually quite easy)IMG 2965But then why did I have to try this….IMG 2963……and this…..IMG 2968

Time for some more laughs so we all went to see comic/magician Christopher James.

IMG 2979

IMG 2978

He was really funny working the audience…..IMG 2980

Some Mariachi madness…..IMG 2985

I had grabbed this little book before I left (it had been sitting around for a couple of years) and found it so inciteful.  Whether you’re a writer or visual artist, I highly recommend it as it will give you insight into your process.

IMG 3123

Next morning we awoke to find we had arrived back….wonder if this tugboat was used…IMG 2995

Last call for food….

IMG 3003

IMG 3019I resisted the urge to buy one of these in the Gift Shop….

IMG 3020

A hug for Kaley who, if truth be told, was actually ducking from my ever ready photo mania.  She reminds me of Nikka in that department!IMG 3024

Kicking us off and loading up massive quantities of food for the next group coming in at noon.IMG 3025

Waiting to go thru Customs.  How cute is this!  No, Santa was not in our group…….IMG 3039Bye bye ship……

IMG 3033

The USS Iowa is here in the San Pedro harbor and you can take a tour of the battleship.

IMG 3043

IMG 2456Waiting for David to bring the van….IMG 3049

I got to sit it out…..IMG 3052

Back home at the Wong’s….Mochi was sooooooo happy……IMG 3059

IMG 3064

Oh how I love this dog……IMG 3074

How cute is this……IMG 3080

Erin put the  Uber app on my phone and got me a brand new Lexus……IMG 3087

Awwwwww…………….IMG 3096

The driver had just registered this car….he lives in Burbank and couldn’t believe his very first passenger would take him home!IMG 3101


Thank you Kathy……IMG 2988

….and David for adopting me into your awesome family.  I love you one and all!

IMG 2987

My bed looked sooooooo good…..IMG 3109

So did Kita’s little architectural bone arrangement…..IMG 3110

Gourmet 88 to the rescue because I definitely wasn’t cooking!

IMG 3114

This delightful Geranium greeted me this morning thru my bedroom window……..I wish you joy!

IMG 3119

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