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…..Surely you know that.  Basically it’s the proverbial breaking of bread.  The gathering together….the joy of sharing this life, these times with friends.  Coming together to share a meal is really about sharing one’s life…..catching up……remembering joys, comforting sorrows, talking thru those troubling situations or laughing over delightful ones.  Whatever it is, the food is incidental but why not have it be the best so we can add another joyful experience to our memory bank. That’s what brings me joy…..and lots of it!

See what I mean?IMG 4183

This happened  with the awesome Tina Marie who suggested The Tavern in Brentwood.

IMG 4185

 Here we go……

IMG 4139

Lovely Tina ordered the soft scrambled……

IMG 4144


I had to go for the Eggs Benedict which were the very best eggs ever….by far….

IMG 4180

It’s interesting….here and in my last blog, no one has noticed I’m wearing exactly the same thing in every photo.  Makes life sooooo easy!

IMG 4146

Lets talk about  these dates wrapped with bacon, bacon, bacon and stuffed with parmesan.  They were eyes roll back in the head good…..

IMG 4142

Desert?  I thought you’d never ask……’Snickers Bar’….salted peanut caramel with vanilla ice cream

IMG 4181

We stayed so long we closed the place down and even the valet left!  Now that tells you it’s not about the food!!!

Here’s a cute pup we saw along the way….

IMG 4134

When I got home, this exquisite creation by Amy at greeted me.  Amy is one of the vendors at the Castaway Restaurant/facility in the Burbank Hills. From time to time they have expositions showing various items for prospective brides to choose for their weddings.  This was one of the pieces Amy had on display and lucky me got to receive it after the event!  I know….it’s breathtaking!  Call Amy at 818.625.5243

IMG 4194

If I want to share precious time, feel wrapped up in love who’s the go to lovely one for that????  You know it’s Sweetest of the Sweet, gifted, loving Amy!  We shared lunch and our hearts at Recess Eatery on Brand.  Amy is as bad as Tomiko when it comes to having her picture taken and this one is priceless!

IMG 4197

O.K., we’ll get serious…..

IMG 4204

But why???…..(Chef Sevan is in the background)

IMG 4200

The best ever carrot soup!

IMG 4206

I always love their Ahi Tuna salad……

IMG 4203

Time to be bad…..This went so well with the ‘all foam’ cappuccino!!

IMG 4211

The food was really sensational but it really took a distant second to the time I was able to spend with Amy!

A good example of the food not being #1 in importance was dinner with Laurie Pie at PF Chang’s.  

IMG 4212

I don’t think we even noticed the food talking about new projects for Laurie’s and  Japan got in there too!

IMG 4223

O.K., here’s some food.

IMG 4224



IMG 4219

….and there was something else….

We both wanted to see Theory of Everything and it was at the AMC 8 inside the Burbank Mall.  It was a dark & stormy nigh so thanks Pie for driving over.

IMG 4226

Wishing you blue skies and smooth sailing and most of all, special times with special people!

IMG 4235

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