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….is how last week started with a trip to Disney Hall.  Marsha and Stu, my snowbirds from Chicago and I had lunch first at the Patina ‘Concert Hall Cafe’ and as always it was fresh and yummy!

IMG 4709

We then went to a wonderful concert…..showcasing Mozart and Haydn (one of my favorites). Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major  featured Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet, who was absolutely amazing!  You may have read the article this past week about the orchestra that featured Hooten in it. My favorite seats face the conductor and fortunately Marsha and Stu agreed.

IMG 4720


During intermission we went to the Founders Room for drinks and I invited Toby Lewis here from Spain on business for Global Corporate Venturing to join us.

IMG 4716

If you went to the LACMA docent tour of Japanese Ceramics given by Pricilla Gibbs you’ll remember how knowledgeable she was.  I had invited Pricilla to the tea for Lisa See as we have a lot of friends in common and quite naturally thought it a great idea to meet now to compare notes on the upcoming trip to Japan. We had lunch at Little Dom’s on Larchmont….another favorite place.

IMG 4732

Grilled shrimp, chopped spinach, avocado, egg romesco….IMG 4730

Don’t even go there….I know, we were bad!  Mint chocolate sundae if you must know….

IMG 4733

You know I love Pooh bear but Paddington is a close second and I so hope you get a chance to see this darling movie.  The back story is that author Michael Bond, now 88, was inspired to write Paddington’s story  “….. because of memories of seeing evacuated children at rail stations in England during World War ll.  They all had labels around their necks and were holding on to their treasured possessions.”  Paddington’s tag, ‘Take Care of This Bear’ makes a lot of sense now.

IMG 4757

Paddington comes to England from darkest Peru…….

IMG 4741

…….having eaten a suitcase of marmalade during his stow-a-way trip and always has a marmalade sandwich under his hat.

IMG 4756

 Good advice I’d say.  

IMG 4765

Nicole Kidman was an excellent villain….hope it’s not type casting!

I’m not even going to tell you where this is…..

IMG 4780

O.K., so if sweet bears who love marmalade aren’t to your liking there’s always a Liam Neeson movie to get your heart pumping.

IMG 4781

This isn’t a pun but I do have a lot on my plate this week so I’m now going to be in hiding until the Calligraphy class on Saturday.  Nikka is very proud of me that I’m actually learning to say no to wonderful goings on.  

I got hooked onto Papaya on the cruise as we had some with every meal.  Decided to continue the tradition ‘cause it’s soooo yummy and good for you too!

IMG 4803

Kita went to the spa in preparation for Valentine’s day.  She always looks like a different doggie when I get her.  Sooooo white….a big snowball!

IMG 4965

All ready for our Valentine’s Day photo opportunity!


IMG 4840

And another……

IMG 4869

I vote this photo the cutest ever!!!!

IMG 4821

Thank you Nikka for the beautiful roses and sweet, sweet card!

IMG 4878


All I can say is ‘Oh that Amy’!!! She came over with the most exquisite arrangement….I’ll try and show you a view from all sides.  The interesting thing about this is that I felt as if I entered a garden all my own….it’s so charmingly captivating!  Amy’s putting the finishing touches on the arrangement….

IMG 4897


IMG 4903


The white flowers are exquisite Tulips!IMG 4909

A view from the top…..

IMG 4910

And again….

IMG 4907

Calligraphy class was on Valentine’s Day…..

Here’s Violet with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow…….They combined their Ch’i to say ‘the greatest harmony…earth & people all in harmony’.

IMG 4921


IMG 4913

I don’t know….the kiddies table gets awful grownup during calligraphy!

IMG 4915

Time for Valentine’s dinner at Bar Verde.

IMG 4930


Hiro, the Manager, always takes such good care of us….

IMG 4934

Had the salmon…..

IMG 4931

Did I forget to photograph dessert again?  We had the Apple Cobler with Ice Cream.  Hi mom!

IMG 4955

I love you darling……

IMG 4945

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year filled with every manner of good things to delight your heart!

IMG 4957

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