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……but before they return to Chicago, Marsha Stu and I went to the Skirball Center where we had lunch in Zeidlers Cafe.

IMG 4966

They have a really good chopped salad and if you add grilled salmon it’s terrific!

IMG 4968

.As we were leaving I saw Noah Newmark who many of you will remember from Carol Soucek King’s Salon.  He was with Monika Henreid the daughter of Paul Henreid who we all remember from Casablanca.  On exhibit there was an amazing exhibit that featured Henreid along with other memorable actors who emigrated to the States during World War ll.

IMG 4974We were just in time to catch the docent tour for ‘Light & Noir…Exiles and Emigres in Hollywood 1933-1950

IMG 4976

Follow the red carpet….

IMG 4981


IMG 4989

Reading this letter was very sad….

IMG 4991

IMG 4992

IMG 4990


IMG 4993

 Paul Henreid in a scene from Casablanca…..

IMG 5025


IMG 5031

 Humphrey Bogart’s suit is in the back….Ingrid Bergman’s outfit and in the front, Paul Henreid’s suit.  He was much bigger than Bogie!

IMG 5030


IMG 5028

 This is the dress Joan Crawford wore in Mildred Pierce.  The photo doesn’t show how unbelievably small her waist was!

IMG 5024


IMG 5023


IMG 5022


The lovely Rainbow Wall at the Skirball Center.IMG 5043


I could be over-scheduling because right after leaving Marsha and Stu I headed for North Hollywood to meet the Reilly’s and watch ‘Cabaret The Musical’ put on by Dr. Jim’s brother Billy at his theatre….Crown City Theatre Co.  Do I have to mention that I barfly got there in time for the final bows????IMG 5044


Here’s my cuties…..Sandie Girl and Dr. Jim….You can almost see Michael, Jim’s son sitting next to him.  (No photo’s were allowed.)IMG 5045

IMG 5072

 All right, enough of all that….what’s for dinner!!!! Start the party!  Love these show biz folks!  Don’t Jim and brother Billy look like twins???

At Eclectic in NoHo……

IMG 5049

Had the salmon….IMG 5062

 I was told to photograph this as it’s the BEST…..

IMG 5061

Love these two….Dr. Jim and Sandie Girl!IMG 5070

Our ‘new look’ seen in a nearby shop window after we left.IMG 5071

I just want you to see how beautiful our little girl looks when she’s clean.  This should last at least three days!IMG 4964Class at the Huntington this week was even more wonderful thanks to seeing Kathryn who is usually in the studio class….I’m so very proud of her!

IMG 5102

Two of my favorite peeps….Amy & Lisa were over Thursday….

IMG 5110

Amy was here Friday evening and brought treats from Porto’s….IMG 5126

Tres Leche Cake…yum, yum…. We also had Potato Balls and Empanadas….

IMG 5130

 Amy & Nikka both burned the midnight oil…. I mostly annoyed them by trying to take photo’s.  They’re as bad a Tomiko in that regard. Check out  Call Amy next time you need fantabulous flowers. 818.625.5243

IMG 5132

Next day Denice stopped by to see Charles before class in the studio……..

IMG 5141

Charles son Jim, on the right,  was in town from Texas with Charles, his partner.  Yes, another Charles!

IMG 5149

Visiting class…..I always thought I was tall but really felt like a munchkin…..It was a fun day….Nikka filmed two new video’s for YouTube.  The Wisteria demonstration was posted right away.

IMG 5152


Time for dinner.  Surprised?  I met Marsha and Stu at Parkway Grill in Pasadena where Charles and I had our first ‘date’!IMG 5159


Yes I’m a carnivore and so delighted foie gras is back.  This was Hudson Valley’s finest and it was sublime!IMG 5161


Their Caesar Salad has never been that outstanding…….but had to try again….IMG 5162

I asked if the Catfish was still good…….yes!IMG 5165

Another view before I sent it back to the kitchen to return in a more manageable form.IMG 5168


This ‘creation’ is about 7’ high…….IMG 5171


The orchids were right next to us…..IMG 5164


Let’s hear it for the kitchen!IMG 5172


Somehow we made it in time to Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium for the Vienna Boys Choir.  Jimmy Chiang was the amazing conductor/pianist….IMG 5174

I would like to say that the week ended well but it found me unwell.  Some mysterious bug attached itself to me as I was leaving the Auditorium and I had such chills I thought I’d be stopped by the police for unsafe driving.  Had my story ready as I would have told them to call 911.  I crawled into bed with great aches and a temp. but overjoyed to report I seem to be near recovery this A.M.  I’m calling this the eight hour bug! Amy & I were to have gone to an Oscar party but I had to cancel….can you believe?????????

Last I heard she was making Chicken soup for me!  Chicken soup with no noodles…….that’s like a cheeseburger without the cheese!

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