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A weekend visit…that’s what!  First let me explain something all you foodies out there will understand completely.  Sandie calls me  from Bristol Farms or Whole Foods on the weekend and I vicariously enjoy the Reilly menu plans for the week.  They’re always scrumptious and we have great fun.  This week started out even better because Sunday morning Sandie stopped by to show me the blankie she had made for soon to arrive baby Noah, Jakie’s brother to be.

IMG 5775

IMG 5781

I ooooed and ahhhhed so much Sandie finally got the hint and said she’s make one for me!!!!  (Don’t you love the bees???)IMG 5778

Off to meet Tomiko at mom’s…… she usually drives but as she had her son’s red truck….we thought better of it so I drove!

IMG 5851The Music Center had phoned saying there was to be something going on in all four venues so we’d best get there early to find a spot.  So early that there was time for coffee in the Founder’s Room at the Ahmanson.

IMG 5799

 Yes, that’s the one and only…Dame Edna!

IMG 5813

Barry Humphries takes a bow….IMG 5838

 Tomiko has decided it’s not so bad to have her picture taken!

IMG 5789

 With stylish Linnea Duval.  Check out her fabulous bags on  

IMG 5846

 We thought a relaxed dinner at The New Otani would be the perfect way to end the day.  Horrors, it’s now a Doubletree and they only have a coffee shop! Should have gone to Bottega Louie as originally planned.

IMG 5848

 The garden at the hotel  is a shadow of it’s former self……

IMG 5850Afterwards I stopped at mom’s and told her all about the show.  Charles, mom & I had seen Dame Edna before and are great fans!  Thank you Tomiko for my fabulous ‘Dame Edna’ glasses….I shall try to wear them with great panache!

IMG 585710:00 P.M. and I know I shouldn’t but Sandie’s Apple Cinnamon Loaf from Bristol Farms was calling out to me. Thank you Sandie…I think!

IMG 5786

Monday morning and the chef is in the kitchen!IMG 5871

 Noemi is Chef Sevan’s mom….remember Recess Eatery???  We were discussing a book project of hers….

IMG 5874

 And later in the day my dear Lisa C. stopped by….

IMG 5884

 Through the strangest set of circumstances I was able to introduce Amy to Jeanne Anderson who is President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens and in charge of their  fabulous annual event touring the gardens and estate. For more information please go to   (A few years ago I gave a talk to the Beverly Hills Garden Club in Jeanne’s home…..small, small world!) Anyway, Tuesday Amy & I went to Robinson Gardens…..

IMG 5887

 Amy had just signed a contract to provide the flowers for the guest bedroom and bath. Sooooo exciting!

IMG 5901


Amy’s checking out the guest bath…..IMG 5906


What serendipity.  Docents from the Huntington Botanical Gardens were on a tour while we were there.  I was delighted to see dear Diane Dennis!  What fun!!!IMG 5935

 Amy so loved the gardens….surprised?

IMG 5937

 We had to celebrate so it was off to Bouchon….

IMG 5940

 I am so happy to have foie gras be legal again.  Honestly, I don’t think Amy shared my enthusiasm as I was delirious!

IMG 5945


But she was happy none the less…..IMG 5963

 Afterwards a stop at the Bouchon Bakery……

IMG 5992

Time to sit in the Montage’s garden and eat macarons.  I ask you, what’s better than two meringue disks filled with luscious ganache????  Nothing!

IMG 5979

 We had to say hi to Miles before we left…..

IMG 6006

 Class the next day at The Huntington was wonderful….13 students painting Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies….

IMG 6011


IMG 6012

 Afterwards I went with Ralph Komi to see the bench that was dedicated to his parents in the Bonsai area.  I blogged about this already and you might find it quite interesting.

IMG 6039

 Lizzie and I are addicted to the strawberry smoothies at Bloomies…..their restaurant, 57th and Lex has all manner of yummy things!

IMG 6068

The Nespresso coffee bar right next to the restaurant is a must stop for me…..IMG 6070

 I’m not quite sure what to say about this.  Kim got this tattz  that he said he’s been wanting for years.  It’s a Philippine symbol ( three stars and a sun) above a polynesian tribal symbol.  Kim says he’s going for a full sleeve.

IMG 6113

 There was one seat left at the American School of Martial Arts for the Champagne Haiku Pour Deux with Grandmaster Don Baird and Richard Gilbert.  Lucky me, I go to sit next to sweet Diana and Lee her main squeeze!

IMG 6126

 I so love this couple…..dear Bridget and rocker hubby Randy Weitzel.

IMG 6134

 Tanka Poets on Site’s Kathabela Wilson and brilliant hubby Rick.

IMG 6137

 Grandmaster Don Baird, wife Maria and yours truly.

IMG 6154

 May your every day be filled with wonder and delight!

IMG 6080

And Kale ‘cause it’s good for you!

IMG 6082

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