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…..make that cymbals and assorted delightful instruments……and lovely little girls dressed in festive Iranian costumes.

IMG 6584It’s all about Nowruz, the Iranian celebration welcoming spring and the New Year.  Our dear friend Reza Kahn is the Executive Director of Farhang Foundation a non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit foundation that celebrates Iranian art & culture in Southern California.  

Amy had done the Haft Sin table for the celebration in Mission Viejo in Orange County.  It was an 8’ X 8’table overflowing with a  heavenly profusion of spring flowers!  The Haft-Sin includes seven items that begin with the letter ’S’. In english they are: wheat symbolizing rebirth, wheat germ sweet pudding symbolizing affluence, dried fruit from the oleaster tree to symbolize love, cloves of garlic for medicine, red apples meaning beauty/health, sumac berries for the color of sunrise and vinegar to represent age/patience.

Other items are sweets, lit candles for enlightenment/happiness, a mirror for cleanness/honesty, decorated eggs for fertility, a bowl of water with an orange representing the earth in space, rose water with magical cleansing powers and most fun of all….. a bowl of goldfish for life/the transition of Pices to Aries.

Here’s Amy’s amazing creation!

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On Sunday Amy & I went to LACMA to enjoy the festivities there.  We were missing Lisa Bowman terribly as originally she was going to join us but the best made plans…..


IMG 6519

Amy had done 23 of these arrangements for an event at LACMA the previous day.  So happy to see they were still being used!

IMG 6551

We had tickets for the Official Nowruz Program in the Bing Theatre that featured the world premier of ‘The Sounds of a Persian Spring’ by Zohreh Jooya.  Amy did a bouquet for Reza to present to this brilliant singer which we left backstage before watching the performance.

IMG 6520

IMG 6521

The Djanbazian Dance Academy dancers.

IMG 6525

 Presentation of the bouquet to Zohreh Jooya by Reza Kahn.

IMG 6529

Along the way we met delightful Patricial Ruiz, a childhood friend of Reza’s who came to the event with her dear mom. We love this sweet girl!

IMG 6515

I have to show you this cute girl…Reminds me of all the darling young people we saw in Japan…..can’t wait to go back!

IMG 6513

You know I can’t resist a cute puppy!

IMG 6563

Here’s the Haft-Sin table at LACMA

IMG 6540

Time to raffle off some prizes….

IMG 6554


IMG 6579

O.K., I’m hungry….Off to Joan’s on Third.

IMG 6605

Everything is soooo yummy but we settled on splitting the Chinese Chicken Salad which is always a winner and the Short Rib Sandwich.

IMG 6600

 This is really trouble……very, very rich.

IMG 6604

Beautiful Georgia was there with her mom and dad and we immediately fell in love with her…

IMG 6588

IMG 6595

Thank you Amy for the Lobster Roll I took home….what a great late night snack…me bad!

Wishing you fun times!


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