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…..starting with Clara at the Music Center on the 29th………oh that feels like a century ago!  We had planned on The Marriage of Figaro which I didn’t mind going to for the second time as it was the very first opera Charles and I had gone to together.  Sentimental me.  As we were rather late, we sat it out in the Founders Room to listen  and plot our course.

IMG 6919

Note to self:  Next time order the cheese plate.

IMG 6920

We hardly got talked out so the decision was to skip the opera and head to Kendall’s Brasserie for a late lunch/early dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love steak tartare?

IMG 6922

Next day, lunch with lovely Mary at Bloomie’s 59th and Lex Cafe.

IMG 6937

I’m actually embarrassed to say not only did I consume all that you see here but then I washed it down with a Strawberry Smoothie.

IMG 6941

Had to stop at Centinella for Kita’s food on the way home and met this handsome Doberman puppy. (Kita & I should both be on a diet but somehow I don’t think that will happen for either one of us!)

IMG 6949

How’s this for cute stuff…

IMG 6957

Up Close and personal….IMG 6960

Next day….more cute stuff at Americana….

IMG 6962

Time for another lunch….eeeeee gads!  This time with Molly, in from their second home in Mexico. This really was a week of catching up!

IMG 6966

Trying to be good at Bar Verde  I had the Kale Salad with grilled chicken and yummy little bits they add to it. Perhaps I shouldn’t add the honey to my tea or indulge in their delicious bread.  At least we passed on dessert.

IMG 6968

I could scarcely believe I saw a 2nd Papillon puppy in less than a week.  You never see them. How adorable is this pup!

IMG 6976

Maybe this is the answer to getting a dog….

IMG 6982

Works for this little girl.  Whoops…that’s Hello Kitty!

IMG 6983

Not to end the marathon I lunched the next day at Daphne’s Greek Cafe on Lankershim in NoHo with Lizzie Girl before seeing Cinderella.  We loved both events. Thank you Lizzie for the Easter surprise……I promise to share!

IMG 7016

 We shared the Starter Trio with Feta, Hummus & Avocado Dip and we each had the Mediterranean Salad with chicken…..both so yummy! As long as Lizzie gets her Diet Coke she’s happy!

IMG 7018

Everyone so loves a happy ending!

IMG 7120

Back to Bloomies & another Strawberry Smoothie.  Someone’s out of control!

IMG 7021

24 hours later it’s time for lunch.  Surprised?  Amy is laughing because after placing 2 salads in front of us……..

IMG 7046

A server came by and took them away.  Shades of the Soup Nazi.

IMG 7044

We split a burger and another salad.

IMG 7054

Time to see Cinderella again! Gosh two days in a row…..The best message ever…..’HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND’!

IMG 7071

 Helena Bonham Carter was hysterical as the Fairy Godmother…..

IMG 7076

 ….and the star of the movie……

IMG 7078

 I must say Cate Blanchett was terrifying as the evil step mother……

IMG 7109

 Loved the mice….they starred throughout….

IMG 7059

 We laughed, we cried, we sighed and then went for ice cream and took this selfie! I just noticed the Eiffel Towel ‘crown’ on Amy’s head!

IMG 7127

 Awwwwwww………..bummer. Last year I had my picture taken with him.

IMG 7134

 This Italian Water Dog was flown in from Italy for his new owners.  It was his birthday so of course sweet Amy gave him her ice cream cone.

IMG 7168

 My goodness Amy, that good deed led to our running into the Easter Bunny….returning from his carrot break….

IMG 7176

 How perfectly adorable…..

IMG 7179

 Back to lunch….Next day with dear Trudy I was treated to lunch at Prosecco in Toluca Lake.

IMG 7198

 Sooooooo good….

IMG 7199


……and you know how I love Panna cotta!IMG 7203

Afterwards we stopped at the Trader Joe’s in Toluca Lake and to my great surprise…..Diane with friend Edwina.  How marvelous (as she would say)!IMG 7208


Next morning Sadie Girl stopped by with Jakey and a present from the Easter Bunny for me……Kita was looking for hers!IMG 7235

 How amazing that the Easter Bunny had stopped by earlier leaving a present for Jakey!

IMG 7245

And how cute is this…..a new App to play with…..IMG 7315

 On to Calligraphy in the studio with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow….

IMG 7271

 I made a valiant effort to decorate the table for Easter…..

IMG 7274

 We worked hard all day so Nikka and I took a dinner break at Recess Eatery on Brand…..This is the only way she will let me take a photo!

IMG 7281

 Redondo Basket: Calamari, Shrimp, Lemons & Cocktail Sauce

IMG 7284

 A yummy Lobster Roll….

IMG 7285

 Lamb Dodgeballs:  Meatball Trio, Tzatziki, Harissa Essence…….soooooo good!

IMG 7287

 A lovely Petit Four…..

IMG 7289

 When we got back these beautiful Easter eggs created by Amy greeted us……

IMG 7294

 Along with this wonderful floral arrangement to beautify the table! Heartfelt thanks dear Amy!

IMG 7291

 I’m not bragging, just saying that I made the most delicious leg of lamb ever.  Quite possibly an Easter Miracle!

IMG 7309

IMG 7310

 The Arugula salad was yummy too with endive, pears, cranberries, nuts and a lemon & EVVO dressing helped by Pineapple juice!

IMG 7307

My favorite…..Breyers Gelato Indulgences ‘Vanilla Caramel’, with mixed berries…..oh sooooo good!

IMG 7312

 Mom & I were watching a ‘promo’ for Nick Federoff’s ’Things Green’ program to be shown on PBS Saturday the 11th at 9:00 A.M. (#25 if you’re on Charter) There’s a segment that was filmed in the studio!

IMG 7322

When you see my next blog, “ARE WE IN NEW ORLEANS?”  I guarantee you will not believe it!

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