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…….is the most amazing, remarkable agency you’ve never heard of.  Why it’s such a big secret is beyond me as I was utterly blown away during my tour of the facility with the awesome Marsha Ramos.  I’ve blogged about Marsha before as she’s my template for doing good, being a good citizen and seeing a need then filling it.  Marsha is on more committees than I have fingers to count on and everything is done gladly and joyfully!  Let’s clone her!!!

I’m holding a paperback version of ‘Suma the Elephant’ the book I was so  blessed to illustrate.  People are always saddened by the ending, by Suma not breaking free but what a perfect metaphor for all of us.  For the strings that would appear to tie us down, to hold us back….they’re only little strings and the choice is up to us to break free or not.  This perfect metaphor is being used in schools now for instances of bullying and also in helping battered women.  There’s also an excellent handbook that helps the reader to examine their life and see the possibilities as well as the roadblocks. This little book and the accompanying handbook are a perfect fit for this organization!

IMG 6702

Here’s their Mission Statement…

IMG 6734

Laurie Blieck, the amazing Executive Director began the tour.

IMG 6704

Just one of the rooms set up for counseling young children. On staff are licensed mental health professionals, (over 60 therapists) educators, certified facilitators, case managers and interns. Their goal is to help families lead healthy, safe and productive lives.IMG 6700

 Awwwwwww…………Pooh Bear is always comforting…..

IMG 6709

 A small section of the very creative art room….

IMG 6711

 The artwork done by the children is heart wrenching and makes one so grateful that they have this wonderful place to find shelter, hope and creativity….

IMG 6712

 It just makes one weep…..More children suffer from psychological illness than from leukemia, diabetes and Aids combined.

IMG 6713

 So much suffering ‘round about us….

IMG 6714

 ….and yet….a glimmer of hope….

IMG 6715

 This wonderful place offers a future and a hope….

IMG 6716

 ….and this thought brings smiles to our faces……

IMG 6719

 Yes young one….you are worthy indeed of respect and unconditional love….

IMG 6722


IMG 6723

 So inspiring to hear of all the good being accomplished here…..

IMG 6724

 Another counselor and area for therapy…..

IMG 6725

 The food bank area was almost too much to handle but the sight of the little bears softened the blow….

IMG 6727

 This dramatic artwork was turned into a powerful poster…..

IMG 6731

 You just can’t imagine the creativity of the young people ……

IMG 6735


IMG 6737


‘Suma the Elephant’ will be a perfect fit here…..IMG 6738

 Another office space….

IMG 6739

 All of the counselors are filled with loving compassion….

IMG 6729

IMG 6743

We’re in the kitchen facility.  There are also care cottages, a residential intervention program for families fleeing family violence as well as a residential intervention program for homeless families.  Let’s not forget the residential treatment environment for emancipated teens who face the challenges of premature adult responsibility.IMG 6747

IMG 6749

IMG 6751

IMG 6742

 Laurie is holding a copy of the Suma Workbook and from Marsha and Laurie’s smiling faces we see so much good on the road ahead!

IMG 6753

I am honored beyond description to be honored as a recipient of the ‘Spotlight Award’  to be given by the agency on June 5th at their Art Auction and roof top dinner at the Cartoon Network Studio.  Of course, Marsha is Co-Chair of this event!


 ……the artwork I showed you on a poster outside the building.

IMG 6757

 Bravo Family Service Agency of Burbank! For more information and to donate please go to or phone 818.845.7671

 After that tour I really needed an angel hug so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw Lisa Plemmons Harrison across the street as I was getting into my car.  What serendipity celebrated with some cool Tai Iced Coffee!

IMG 6765

Wishing you joy!

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