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At the Ahmanson….these two were sooooo cute with their Cinderella and Prince Charming crowns……..IMG 7617

 … Tomiko & I decided we needed crowns too!  Not so sure about the feather boa…..

IMG 7622

 Great fun when the fairy Godmother flew about.  You really had to pay attention and not blink or you’d miss the more than quick changes into Princess and Godmother gowns…

IMG 7630

 Intermission and time for tea and cookies in the Founders Room…..

IMG 7636

Let’s hear it for the Prince…..IMG 7638

 Everyone loves a happy ending……

IMG 7640

 Fun with one of the vendors…..

IMG 7647

 Time to walk about the Music Center…..

IMG 7649

We almost played in the fountains and then thought better of it and decided to be grownups!

IMG 7651

 Tomiko went with me to see the damage at mom’s condo and then, hungry, we stopped at Recess Eatery on Brand.

IMG 7654

 We were bad……

IMG 7657

 The next day Devir from Remodeling R Us came by… many decisions….

IMG 7691

Inspector General at mom’s! It’s a hot mess!!!

IMG 7789

Good thing Gourmet 88 delivers….no time to cook….

IMG 7696

 Kita got a bath……

IMG 7697

Mom has settled into her new digs at the Embassy Suites.  Of course she has new fans…..Otto and Veronica.

IMG 7767

 If you have dinner during the happy hour you can fill up on lots of very fresh fruit and veggies……

IMG 7763

 But save room for the lamb chops as they’re good!

IMG 7770

 Lunch and great fun with Judy in the studio……

IMG 7772

 Hubby Randy is to the left and his brother Jeff to the right.  These are two of the nicest fellows on the planet and we laughed so much I wanted them to stay over!

IMG 7786

What I’m reading now.  Love Donald Brooks, columnist for the New York Times. In his latest book he says we should concentrate more on being the type of person we want to be spoken of at our eulogy and less on our resume.IMG 7710

 I think I’ll just start blogging about Kita.  She’s a source of endless joy and fascination!  Here she is, ready to go on patrol…

IMG 7712

 Saturday when Nikka and I were out & about in Toluca Lake we ran into firemen raising money for MuscularDystrophy.  I told them the police always hate it when I say we love the firemen! (They loved that!)

IMG 7746

 Time for a business lunch at Fig and Olive in Toluca Lake and yes, we actually got some work done!

IMG 7752

 Who wants to know?

IMG 7791

The sun is shinning….make some hay!IMG 7663Hope you get to play this weekend!

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