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Each year, the Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills opens up the estate and garden areas as a major fund raiser and grand event.

This year, on Saturday May 16th, in addition to Robinson Gardens, the following estates/gardens will be available for viewing:

William Randolph Hearst’s mini-castle, ‘The Beverly House’.

Hernando Courtwrights Gable & Wyant ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’.

An Italiante villa with three waterfalls and a placid lake with manicured hedges that include a maze.

The Best Exotic Bel Air Estate with Koi ponds, Balinese sun decks, terraced vegetable gardens, an art studio & a hillside amphitheater!

IMG 7965

I am thrilled beyond measure to tell you that our dear Amy of Menuah Flowers has been chosen to be the florist for the guest bedroom and bath.  She will be working with Grande Maison de Blanc who will be doing the bedding, towels and other products.  This past Thursday I went with Amy for a
 second meeting with Katherine and Donald from Grande Maison de Blanc to discuss co-ordinating everything. Hmmmmmm thinks Donald….as does Amy.

IMG 7823

Big, big discussion…..

IMG 7828

What about over there????

IMG 7830

Amy will create a very tall piece for this dresser.  The lamp along with the small items will be going as well as the two nesting tables on either side.

IMG 7844

This charming design will be for the duvet cover……

IMG 7838

Amy has an amazing surprise for this tub!!!!IMG 7855

The view from one of the guest bedroom windows….

IMG 7859

From the other window….

IMG 7863

It will be interesting to see who does the dining room & what they do…..

IMG 7879

Amy loved all the silver pieces…..

IMG 7881

When we remember that Mrs. Robinson was THE Robinson from Robinson’s Department Stores it’s not surprising she had so many treasures.  Amy was fascinated with one particular pattern….

IMG 7884

And Tim graciously opened another case in the pantry to find the matching cup and saucer….

IMG 7887

The docents had a wonderful feast laid out for us but we had another foodie adventure in mind….

IMG 7891

Amy said these chickens were unhappy…..I suspect she’s right!

IMG 7899

Don’t you just love this?

IMG 7905

….and these nasturtiums…. Note to self:  Plant some!

IMG 7907

It’s a delight to be with Amy as she finds beauty and joy in everything!

IMG 7920Even this!

IMG 7908

For more information & to purchase tickets please go to

Time to party!  Where else but Bouchon’s where we are becoming regulars.

IMG 7937

I know, you’re thinking ‘tomato soup???’ but theirs is the best and we get it every time!

IMG 7931

Of course you’re aware of my addiction to foie gras?  It’s like crack!

IMG 7929

I forget what this was but loved the little sweet peppers.  Amy brought over a bag of them later and I demolished it!

IMG 7934

We were bad.  Maybe not too bad as we shared….

IMG 7938

Of course there has to be a doggie in any post….

IMG 7941

What a perfect day….I wish the same for you!

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