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…..’cause it’s party time beginning with beautiful Tina Marie at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.

IMG 8293

I’m always surprised by the thrill I get upon seeing the ocean………..

IMG 8257

Tina Marie showing me how to do something amazing on my iPhone!  Hope I can remember…….

IMG 8275

It was impossible to get a good photo without sun filling the space….

IMG 8281

Note to self:  See the ocean more often….just not on a weekend.  Traffic is impossible!

IMG 8290

No description needed…………IMG 8292

How cute is this!!!!  Bye bye Tina Marie!

IMG 8287

Amy was a huge help with picking out the wall color, Caesarstone & tile at mom’s…..(Note the brown cabinets) Thank you Amy!

IMG 8302

We’re flying……..IMG 8297

Then off to Cheesecake to meet mom & Nikka.  I was able to snap this before Nikka put the menu in front of herself. She truly hates to have her picture taken!

IMG 8303

More decisions.  Dvir with Caesarstone samples.  Originally I was going with something on the black side but decided to go with the light one in the upper left to make the kitchen look larger thanks to Amy. 

IMG 8315

Time to play with Laurie Pie.  I wanted to get a gift for Emma’s graduation and where better than Tiffany.

IMG 8318

Looking for pants at Anthropologie…..(Found some at Nordstrom’s)

IMG 8324

On the way we fell in love with this Bernese Mountain Dog….he’s only four months old and look at those paws!

IMG 8326

Finally….Time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with blended Margaritas and taco’s at Bar Verde.  The place is just not the same without Lauren and Hiro….

IMG 8338

Have to be a little bad…..

IMG 8343

Amy & I saw a double header at Laemmle’s in Pasadena. This documentary about Raf Simons, the new top designer at Dior, is fascinating.  Wait until you see the room filled floor to ceiling with real flowers  for his first fashion show!IMG 8367

 There’s no explaining Iris Apfel, fashion icon and force of nature!  This movie is a true must see!

IMG 8366

 Time to ruminate about what we’d seen.  Roy’s was the perfect place and Lobster Bisque the perfect beginning!

IMG 8370

 I’ve had their appetizer platter before & it was wonderful but this time….not so good.  The ribs were still sensational!

IMG 8372

 Time to be bad with an old fashioned Pineapple-Upside/Down Cake!

IMG 8375

 Remembering the great day when Lisa See was honored at Vroman’s Bookstore!

IMG 8376

Remember the brown cabinets????

IMG 8387

IMG 8392

Time to report in to mom at the Embassy Suites.  Happy Hour had a Chinese motif……IMG 8396

I’m making an attempt to be good so this was dinner with a side of broiled chicken……

IMG 8397

But then mom always wants ice cream and doesn’t like to eat alone! The caramel is delicious!

IMG 8398

Off to Pirch….my new favorite place….They will make you the most perfect cappuccino eveIMG 8402

Besides appliances they have great gifts here…….

IMG 8405

If I were to get a tub….this would be it. ” A tub so beautiful, even the shower wants to take a bath!’

IMG 8408

Next day it was off to the Montage Hotel with Amy and Lisa for Lissi Kaplans Trunk Show & book signing…..A perfect day that deserves a blog of it’s own!

IMG 8413

What I’m reading:

This wonderful book Miss Judith and Eileen thoughtfully brought back from NYC for me…..The Japan Society had a wonderful exhibit on cats in Japanese art.IMG 8383

Did I need one more cookbook?  Nigella Lawson loves this one.  I heard Diana Henry on PBS describe one of the chicken recipes so …..Is there an Amazon Anon????

IMG 8144

If you liked ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’ you’ll love this by Mary Norris, long time New York Times copy editor totally in love with language.……

IMG 8145

Wishing you a week filled with beauty!

IMG 8377

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