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……began with going with Amy to The Huntington Botanical Gardens for the annual  Heritage Society’s luncheon…

IMG 8715

Drinks anyone?

IMG 8693

 Sweet, sweet Cris Lutz chats it up with the crowd……

IMG 8692

 Need sunglasses?  Who you gonna call?  Amy & Nan!

IMG 8706

 Here’s kind Cris again…..

IMG 8710

 Our table was so pretty….we loved the color of the napkins!

IMG 8714

 Each entree was decorated with an edible flower….Soooooo Huntington!

IMG 8724

 We learned a lot about the history of roses……Please don’t test me! I do remember they all originally came from China!

IMG 8729

 I always love seeing Jim Folsom (on the left) the Botanical Director and head of all things wonderful at the Huntington.  He goes a hundred miles a minute! He’s with Tom Carruth, E.L. who told us everything we need to know about roses.  Again, please don’t test me!

IMG 8731

 Some day I’ll get a good photo of Robert Hori the Gardens Cultural Director.  He too never stays still for long!

IMG 8737

 O.K., we hated to eat and run but it was time to check in at mom’s.  The cabinets were looking awfully bright white and I had selected the wrong color for the floor & counter.  A quick call to Rex saved the day…..He has impeccable taste!

IMG 8741

 Then off for dinner with mom and Nikka at Bar Verde.  It’s a good thing we go there or they’d have to shut down.  There never are any peeps there…

IMG 8759

 The next day Sweet Lynne Sims picked me up and off we went to the Getty for the Turner exhibit.  What on earth was going on???  We got the very last parking spot on the lowest possible level…#7!

IMG 8824

 Lots of munchkins there but that could not have been the problem as they were all bussed in.

IMG 8762

 This little girl was the cutest ever.  Little Miss Personality!  She kept saying ‘It’s coming, it’s coming!’ (the tram) and then ‘It’s here…It’s here’!  We sat across from her on the tram ride up and had the most fun.  Adorable without being spoiled.

IMG 8764

 Lunch first…..

IMG 8796

 Dining in the Getty Restaurant……

IMG 8782

 Mushroom soup……

IMG 8783

 Can you believe there’s a crab cake under here?  Sure is pretty!

IMG 8784

 Cutie Lynne……See those yummy rolls and butter?  We were so good…..both of us just started our diets…..No more bread and definitely no more butter for a long, long time.  I’d say 10 pounds of time.

IMG 8786

 Awwwwww……………..Soooooo happy!

IMG 8789

 Happy Birthday to me!  Thank you dear Sweet Lynne for the lovely treat and beautiful day!

IMG 8795

 We weren’t too sure about painting  the Wisteria trellis lavendar.

IMG 8798

 Now for the ‘main event’!  ‘J.M.W. Turner: Painting Set Free’

IMG 8799

Lynne really pays great attention to everything…..

IMG 8804

 Everyone’s a critic!

IMG 8805

 When there is a special exhibit I always like to pick my favorite painting.  This was most likely it as it fully expresses Turner’s ability to capture light and atmosphere……He was a master of translucent glazes.

IMG 8810

 Norham Castle, Sunrise

IMG 8811

IMG 8812

 Another favorite…….I also love the quote from Lord Byron.

IMG 8808

O.K., this is where you loose me……IMG 8814

IMG 8815

Thanks again Lynne for the birthday treat and beautiful day!IMG 8819

Tired but soooooooo happy!

IMG 8822

 Bye, bye Getty…..

IMG 8823Wishing you an artful week!

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