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…..Annual Garden Tour  that is held once a year for one day only!  Note the hat & umbrella as they may turn up later.

IMG 9422

There she is….under Floral Designers….Menuah Flowers!

IMG 9424

This is THE Robinson as in Robinson’s Department Store!  Remember them???  Well, our Amy was asked to do the guest bedroom and bath!

IMG 9166

Thanks to valet parking (ticket bought in advance) I was able to drive right up to the entrance.  I was greeted by Diane and as we were talking who should walk up but Valerie!  Photo op time!!!

IMG 9046

Yes Amy, I made it!

IMG 9048

How’s this for exquisite?  You’ll hear more about it later.

IMG 9095

These charming pieces were everywhere! Don’t you love Peonies!!!!

IMG 9094

Giving you a glimpse of things to come…..

IMG 9171

I was borderline delirious when I saw what Amy did over the bed……

IMG 9055

IMG 9093

IMG 9052

Another view up close……IMG 9092

Where are the finger sandwiches & cookies?

IMG 9078

More beauty……IMG 9057

Amy created two window boxes each with a delightful little porcelain bird nesting in them!

IMG 9102

And overhead, more beautiful flowers …..

IMG 9105


Lots of hugging went on with Katherine Johnson, Manager of Grande Maison de blanc….Fine Linens on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.  They did the bed coverings and linens scattered about.IMG 9124

Amy that’s not a cake….you’re hungry….let’s go eat! (She designed that amazing hat!)

IMG 9168

Here it is with beautiful kid gloves that Amy embellished with lace, flowers and jewels.

IMG 9222

Must have food…It was sooooo good!

IMG 9126

The tented area was beautiful….

IMG 9129I want dessert…..

IMG 9163

IMG 9160

Almost there……

IMG 9134

This is more like it….We’re actually in the room where I’ve conducted a workshop.  Rather hard to concentrate overlooking the pool and garden expanse.

IMG 9135

Truth be told I was very good and just had fruit…..lots of it!

IMG 9137

Is the cake for me?  You shouldn’t have……

IMG 9138

That’s right….put some ice cream on it….IMG 9141

Or this yummy looking ‘stuff’….

IMG 9145

No, just fruit please!

IMG 9146

Another cake for me?IMG 9148

Amy went back to work & I wandered over to the Gift Boutique and Raffle area……

IMG 9152

Where I ran into Virginia Kazanjian…..who told me the funniest thing I had ever heard.

IMG 9153

Kazanjian’s  had donated a beautiful necklace and she had second thoughts and spent $400 in raffle tickets in the hopes of getting it back!

IMG 9156

IMG 9154

On to Amy’s work in the guest bathroom….This hand decorated umbrella got tons of oohs and ahaas! (sp?)

IMG 9182

And these shoes….Do you believe?  Each petal individually placed by hand…..her creativity and imagination knows no bound!

IMG 9065

Sorry folks, no can use…..

IMG 9062

This delightful woman is Christina Baltayian who does beautiful Botanical illustrations.IMG 9174

Here is Juan F. Bastos, portrait artist who confessed to starting the portrait two weeks earlier.

IMG 9186

Bye, bye, see you next year!IMG 9183

Exhausted but exhilarated, Amy & I met at Recess on Brand for dinner.  Love the tea presentation.

IMG 9197

The Halibut was sensational….

IMG 9220

See how good we were….fruit for dessert.

IMG 9221

On to my house where Amy presented me with this magnificent creation for my birthday!  Remember I said there would be more about it?

IMG 9212

Just so you know….. These flowers for mom on Mother’s Day have lasted ten days!  Amy uses only the finest quality, freshest flowers available.  Call Amy at 818.625.5243

IMG 9219

May your week be filled with beauty!

IMG 9217

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