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……began my birthday week.  (I know what you’re thinking……and yes, there has been a bit of partying going on.)

It was also this little girls birthday and she was thrilled to pieces to celebrate at the Peninsula!

IMG 9235

Clara you’re sooooo cute…..

IMG 9238

Clara’s friend compiled this wonderful book of their time in Japan together….

IMG 9241


So professional!IMG 9243


IMG 9244

IMG 9246

It even has the food they ate!

IMG 9247

Could anything be served on a more beautiful plate?  I think not.  Of course you know our gifted and lovely Lissi Kaplan does all of the china services for tea at both the Peninsula and Montage Hotels (among others).

IMG 9240

IMG 9245

Thank you Clara for a perfect day & the gift of your friendship!

IMG 9262

Great fun to see Lissi’s photo & china in the Peninsula’s Gift Shop!

IMG 9257How cute is this?

IMG 9261

Another photo of my exquisite birthday flowers from dear Amy!

IMG 9265

I am surrounded by beauty in a garden of love!IMG 9284Birthday morning pre coffee!

IMG 9302


Thank you darling Charles.  I love you so!IMG 9319

Hugs for precious Amy!

IMG 9334

Bourbon Steak was the restaurant of choice to celebrate with mom!IMG 9363

‘The table’ gets these yummy fries!

IMG 9366

Tuna tartare for me…..

IMG 9371


…….and marrow bones.  (Kita loved them!) Petrossian in West Hollywood does these the best so note to self:  Go back there!IMG 9373

Make a wish…

IMG 9393

Love you darling…

IMG 9414

 Birthday lunch the next day at the University Club in Pasadena. (There’s a yummy fish under all this.)  Trying to be good I passed on dessert.

IMG 9421

 When I arrived home this darling couple walked by and so of course I had to ask….’Want to walk our dog?’  You know the rest of the story.

IMG 9358

 Class at the Huntington the next day was a lot of fun painting the Plum and somehow I got it into my head to do a moonlit Plum.

 I don’t suggest this at all as you’re just asking for trouble!IMG 9446

I think someone donated their ’bug’ collection to the Huntington as there were trays and trays of them in our classroom.  Some so large you could name and put a leash on them.  Many beautiful, mostly horror show variety.  Let me know if you want me to post them on the blog…enough requests and I’ll do it!  IMG 9440

 O.K., so here’s Brett, Kita’s new love interest trying to get her back home after a romp in the park.  She adores him!

IMG 9478

 And the celebrating continues with my dear Lisa Bowman.  Did you know that she sang at our wedding?

IMG 9498

 Yes Lisa, you did finish that big bowl all by yourself! Although I opted for the smaller version, it was so good I wanted more!

IMG 9501For me???

IMG 9507

I had used the valet parking at Pirch so after lunch at Granville’s we went there.  Lisa’s holding up a deck of gold (correct) playing cards!  Along with a cappuccino in the other hand.IMG 9515

 Time to check out the progress in mom’s condo.  The floor is in, cabinets all finished and just waiting for the caesarstone counters & appliances.

IMG 9520

 Josh was enthralled….entranced….enchanted by mom at Cheesecake.

IMG 9538

 Yes, we were delighted to participate in  Not too late…Phone 1-844-446-6673 to donate.

IMG 9556

 I love Harry!  ‘Harry’s Hair Design’ 846 West Glenoaks Blvd. Glendale 818-246-6797

IMG 9595

 Danny Chen’s workshop in the studio was wonderful.  I’m so proud of everyone!

IMG 9600

IMG 9622

IMG 9619

IMG 9608

IMG 9637

I wish I had a photo of everyone’s beautiful work!
IMG 9680

Thank you Tony for the wonderful birthday box of delicious See’s candy!

IMG 9597

 Nikka & I finished up our work in the office & then headed off to the Embassy Suites for dinner with mom & Vicki.  Their theme was ‘Movie Night’/

IMG 9642

As long as I have my Voss water I’m happy!

IMG 9651

Next days workshop with Danny Chen was Mandarin Ducks!

IMG 9717

Po Chu really enjoyed the class!

IMG 9719Good job Pam!

IMG 9724

Kathy was hard at work…..IMG 9735

…..As was Clara!IMG 9696

Meanwhile puppy had a nice walk in the park with Mary Beth.

IMG 9684Wishing you blue sky’s………

IMG 9271

And flowers every day!IMG 9428

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