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…..well, almost!  I probably attempted too much last week but each and every moment was WONDERFUL!  The price for all that fun & frivolity?  A nasty cold!  Things brightened up last Sunday when Brett and Krista brought Steffanie, Bretts darling sister (from Wisconsin) with friend Kyle …object…wait for it…

Switzer Falls and Mt. Wilson with KITA!  Oh joy, oh ecstasy! For starters, Kita absolutely adores Brett and mopes around all the time wondering where he is.  The frosting was to be with him & crew on such a grand adventure!

IMG 0677

 Kita can hardly contain herself!

IMG 0648

And there she was….King of the Mountain!!!  Thank you for bringing such happiness to Kita!
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 Much, much later that day we five had a wonderful talk as I showed them the sights from the studio deck.

IMG 0672So this is goodbye?  Well, for now puppy…

IMG 0676

 I did say cold didn’t I?  Sweet Amy heard it in my voice and brought over delicious spinach soup and a yummy sandwich from Recess Eatery. Thank you dear Amy….you are always so kind and thoughtful! 

Soooo good and I could feel the love in every morsel!

IMG 0685

 I rested on Tuesday to get myself somewhat together for class Wednesday at the Huntington……

IMG 0686

 We were privileged to have Jim Folsom, Director of the Huntington Botanical Gardens, come to class and escort us to a private tour of their awesome exhibit “Weird, Wild & Wonderful”. The Second New York Botanical Garden Triennial Exhibition ‘Botanical Illustrations of Remarkable Plants’

Information at:

IMG 0754

This is a juried show and the following amazing work was submitted from Japan.IMG 0696


IMG 0695

Another from Japan…..IMG 0710


IMG 0711

Class was so much fun.  We went back to basics…painting Bamboo and everyone loved it!

IMG 0713

 Now one would think that someone getting over a cold would head on home and hide under the covers.  Oh no….too sensible.  Off I went to the Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  Charles & I were married in this courtyard when the hotel was the Ritz Carlton but then I probably have told you that before.

IMG 0720

 I had hoped I could hang out in the restaurant facing the pool area but they were closed until 5:00 so I trudged off to the bar.  I found a comfy spot to wile away a couple of hours.

IMG 0721

Time to order hot tea and Ragu Sliders.IMG 0727

 Perhaps I should have mentioned that I was to be at The University Club at 6:30 for a lecture and wine tasting.  Crazy I know but I did learn a lot and the food was amazing.  You probably already know that most red wines are blends of several varieties and that all of them contain up to 85% water.  Of course you knew that!

IMG 0731

 Once everyone sat down, the wine pouring began!

IMG 0732

 Each course was prepared using a complimentary wine to the one we tasted….

IMG 0734All those glasses…..

IMG 0735

 At this point I can’t even begin to tell you the food placed before me…

IMG 0736

I do remember this one had Foie Gras under it.  They could just have brought me a side of that & I would have been content!IMG 0739

Can’t remember….IMG 0740Really can’t remember…

IMG 0742

Ahhhhh……I don’t have to describe this.

IMG 0743

 The evenings presentation was put on by Old Oak Cellars and did you know they are a Pasadena winery?

www.inwineinc.comIMG 0745

 Back to planet earth and the plumber.  Or rather a series of plumbers.  You really don’t want to know the details as they become gruesome.  Suffice it to say this started with a little leak.  I was told it’s not enough to have the new faucet & disposal….the plumbers have to go outside, cut into the wall and do something crazy for an even crazier reason.  I’m waiting for that to happen and will blog the details.  Mostly I think our plumber wants to go to Hawaii.

IMG 0750

 The shoes are a clue…2nd day, 2nd guy…This is the one who discovered the ‘problem’.

IMG 0756

Nikka & I couldn’t take much more so off we went to the Habit….serious comfort food.

IMG 0758

I will say that class Saturday was wonderful and I had such joy and ease in painting….I wish you the same!

IMG 0760

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