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…as Amy, Nikka and I started last Saturday with a Center Theatre Group Season Preview Event… Brunch at the Montage Hotel in the Marquesa Ballroom.

IMG 0941

IMG 0950


IMG 0952

IMG 0960

When the day starts out like this you know you’re in for a ton of fun!IMG 0963

Always wonderful to see Natalie!

IMG 0978

 Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful centerpiece which found a perfect home in my studio.

IMG 1086

A stop at the Montage Gift Shop to see Lissi Kaplan’s treasures…..

IMG 0979

 We ventured forth from the Montage without a plan.  I saw two gals with bags from Taschen, one of my happy places, so off we went….headed down Beverly Blvd.  Our first stop…Mitchel Gold + Bob Williams where Amy fell in love with this chair and said she would marry anyone who bought it!  Price with tax, over $7,000.00.  Of course she’s already married but when a chair like this comes along….Linda W. said “She looks like a beautiful bird in a cage.”

IMG 0989

 This classic chevy was in immaculate condition.  Beautiful to see!

IMG 0993

Of course I have to take a photo of every puppy I see. Here we have another classic….this time, a Beverly Hills doggie!
IMG 1004

 Here’s where the journey really got interesting….We met David Rafaeli, owner of the Templar Diamond and had great fun talking with him.

IMG 1010

To top it off, David gave each of us a beautiful bracelet to match our outfits!

IMG 1104

 It was right outside of Sephora on Beverly Blvd. and happened to be their opening day.  To celebrate they had several hearty young men take people around on their ‘vehicles’.

IMG 1007

 Of course we had to do it so up Beverly we went and then circled around Rodeo passing Hermes where we waved and shouted hello to Reza.  Funny part of that was he was inside at the time!

IMG 1021

 I’m so glad I thought to be dropped off at Taschen….saved us a lot of walking!

IMG 1102

IMG 1026

Thank you Amy for this beautiful book of my favorite city.  Well, next to Kyoto…and of course New York!IMG 1070

 And thank you for this acrylic book stand that I immediately put to good use. It’s soooo cool!

IMG 1084

Heading back we had to stop in at  ‘Monnalisa’, THE shop for exquisite dresses and such for little girls.  Everything is created in Italy with magnificent designs, fabrics and prices to match!IMG 1037

 ‘My Dream is to Fly’ is seen on this precious dress.

IMG 1029

 Amy fell in love with this one…..even tried it on…it almost fit!

IMG 1032

 Oh well.  Forgot where we met Charlie….

IMG 1042

 But this pooch was dining at Bar Bouchon…our final stop.

IMG 1052

 Nikka had a prosciutto & brie panini…..(you can see her bracelet…it’s similar to mine).

IMG 1055

 Amy & I opted for the ahi tuna….

IMG 1056

 The real reason we love Bar Bouchon?  Foie Gras de Canard!!!  Oh my….can’t begin to describe it’s lusciousness!

IMG 1057

May your week be luscious!

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