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….with points in-between.

Sunday Tomiko and I took in a matinee at The Ahmanson to see ‘Matilda, The Musical’.


IMG 1312

I’m really not sure about the hair…….IMG 1279

 At intermission we ambled to The Founders Room for tea & coffee  mostly because I’m addicted to their cookies! Tomiko told me she had been strolling along in Pasadena’s Lacey Park when a young man on a bicycle literally plowed into her from BEHIND! At the moment we’re not sure what is going on with the thumb…..It was a miracle nothing else was broken or sprained.  Oh, the Chanel glasses were trashed….call a lawyer!

IMG 1286

 I’m not so sure about this one.  I think that if I saw it as a little girl I’d be most upset……I still haven’t gotten over Bambi and The Red Shoes!  There were a lot of young ladies in the audience so perhaps I should have taken a poll.

IMG 1294

 This ‘When I Grow Up I Want to Be Board’ was adorable…..All the munchkins were leaving notes on it….

IMG 1297


No, I didn’t write these but aren’t they perfect? “A Happy cheerful old woman” (With a smiley face)  …..and…”I want to be an artist.”!IMG 1301

 Considering Tomiko’s weakened and shocked condition we stayed at the Music Center and had dinner at Kendall’s Brasserie.  Tuna Tartar anyone?

IMG 1305

This one even brought her doll to the performance…..They could share…..IMG 1307

 So, so Short Ribs……

IMG 1309

 Cappuccino almost as good as mine that I make with the Nespresso machine.

IMG 1311

 Next day it was off for a round of domesticity….Starting at Jo-Ann’s where I got this awesome outdoor material for the patio chairs replacing the throws we’ve used for a few years.  Don’t even ask how much it was as it’s almost embarrassing to tell.

IMG 1316

 Did you know they sell the weird tasting NECCO so I had to get some…..remember them?

IMG 1317

 Next stop Aaron Brothers for their 1 cent frame sale.

IMG 1332

 Swain’s Art Store in Glendale has BACON CANDY!  Don’t hurt yourself dashing out the door!!!

IMG 1322Nice……

IMG 1323

 The errands weren’t finished so I had a quick dinner and then off to Home Depot.  I think the ‘World’s Largest Pizza’ is something to consider.

IMG 1340

 Remember it was a domestic sort of day and had to end on a home project.  Replacing all the planters in front of the house.  I refuses to buy Horsetail plants again! By next week,new  plants will be delivered and planted.

IMG 1342

 I’m sorry.  Does anyone else think this is soooo hysterical?

IMG 1344

 The ‘French’ package from ‘Try The World’ arrived and I have to say I’m disappointed.  The box is sensational but the contents sorely missing.

IMG 1349

Next day…First order from ‘Green Chef’ and it too comes packed in a most elaborate way.IMG 1351

 So many little packages of things that you have to sort out. Somewhere in all this there are all the ingredients needed for three very healthy meals.  We did get it sorted out and I must say the first two have been excellent.

IMG 1359This was really yummy…….IMG 1362…..and beautiful!IMG 1374

 This was the week Kita hit the jackpot.  The doggie lottery!  Mary Beth, her trainer, came by and off they went to the park for a serious workout.

IMG 1369

That evening Krista and Brett came by to take Her Highness to the park again!  Oh joy!!!!  

IMG 1405

 Are they the cutest or what!

IMG 1402

 The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission held their July meeting in the studio and it was great fun to sit in on it.  I suspect I’m going to be nominated to judge a project they have that’s coming up.

IMG 1411

I was so happy to see Eddie Cliff (on the left) before he leaves Woodbury to take the position of President of ‘Brooks Institute’ in Santa Barbara.  Congratulations Eddie!!!IMG 1415

 Then it was off to Bloomies to get linens for the new bed arriving on Thursday……Had to be fortified with my favorite Strawberry Smoothie…sooooo good!

IMG 1417

 ….and a Mango Chicken Salad…..yummy!

IMG 1422

 The salesgirl sent me to Bed, Bath and Beyond….way beyond as going from a California King to a full size I had no way of knowing people usually do the reverse & few stores carry such needed sizes.

IMG 1424


This blog is getting really long….You deserve an INTERMISSION!







Are you back?  Did you get a snack?

Molly Siple included me with the most amazing group of women.  Her dear friend Paula Rice Jackson, Director of the United Nations Association of New York, hosted us to a performance of ‘Ballet Now’ which was a Tour de Force of European and Latin American dancers. Paula is a dear friend of Richard Kielar the Producer of the show and she flew in from New York to support him.  This amazing woman is also the Editor at Large for the most inspiring website for all things fine and beautiful.

Molly is to the right and Paula to her right.  Artist Jean Osher is to my left and next to her is Molly’s amazing editor, Lois Brown.  At the end of the table, waiting for hubby Dr. Paul is adorable Jacqueline Kamen who used to have a COOKIE shop on Madison Avenue in NYC!  If I had only known when I lived there. IMG 1436

IMG 1495


Time for me to treat in the Founders Room.  Paula, Molly, Lois and Jean to the right.  Jacquie and Paul got lost but managed to come in just in time for tea!IMG 1496I was sure I had witnessed perfection!

IMG 1474

 Here they are.  Cute Jacquie and hubby Dr. Paul who graciously treated us all to dinner at the Pinot Cafe.  They are absolutely the cutest couple and still madly in love after thirty years.  So precious!

IMG 1481

 Paula, Jean and Molly….

IMG 1489

 Nikka took this photo of the Calligraphy class with Shantien Tom Chow.  I was delighted John-David and Joy could join the class.


 Cuties Krista and Brett came by to take Kita to The Hollywood Sign.  How lucky can one dog get???

IMG 1500

 Here she is with her new best bud Noodles!

IMG 1503


Meanwhile I was off to Sandie Girl’s and Dr. Jim’s.

Do you need another INTERMISSION?  Maybe get some popcorn!




Are you back?

Sandie had Porta Via in Pasadena cater everything and they even provide these wonderful warmers.IMG 1514

 Dr. Jim’s mom Ann is visiting from back east.

IMG 1517

 Soooo much food….

IMG 1552

 Tim is in charge of desserts….

IMG 1527

 Jim’s daughter Melissa is beyond amazing.  She’s 10 Martha Stuart’s; working on her doctorate, having baby Noah and doing all things adorable and domestic.  Check out her wonderful blog and you’ll see what I mean.

IMG 1553

Everyone took turns cuddling with baby Noah.  Here;s friend Linda….

IMG 1522

 How’s this for a granny???

IMG 1507

 Lots of fun in the pool…

IMG 1536

 I’m awarding myself the prize for best balloons ever!  I wanted to return the round one as it says ‘I Sing Tap To Play’ and everyone tapped and nothing….until Michelle…..

IMG 1549

 Tomiko had phoned earlier and suggested we meet later at Parkway Grill.  I’m just a girl who can’t say no.

IMG 1560

Turns out her thumb is broken & she has to wear this cast all summer.  Bummer.

IMG 1561

 That calls for a martini….

IMG 1563

 I stuck with my favorite…Campari….

IMG 1564


I go mad for Foie Gras but this just wasn’t prepared properly.  Too burned on the outside.  Oh boy….what a whiner. IMG 1565


Steak Tartare….another fave….IMG 1566

Sorry this was so long……. I wish you flowers every day….

IMG 1433…and great beauty in your life!

IMG 1434

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