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…..was Laurie Pie’s pick to celebrate her birthday from a field of four spots.   Of course we had a photo op as soon as we arrived.

IMG 4637

The Polo Lounge is such a wonderful, memory laden spot and it’s always so delightful to be inside looking out at the patio!

IMG 4649

Carnivores that we are, Steak Tartare was the choice for starters and it was so much fun watching it being prepared table side. We each had our own and note to self:  This is enough for your entire meal!

IMG 4640

We were even each given a taste to make sure it was seasoned to our tastes….

IMG 4643

 WOW….and there’s a salad to come….eee gads!

IMG 4644

 I think this is called ‘The McCarthy’…’s quite good and the most finely chopped ‘Cobb like’ salad ever!

IMG 4646

 The best Red Velvet ever compressed into a cupcake with yummy Cream Cheese frosting!!!

IMG 4655

 After all that food our only hope was to go poolside and rest in one of the cabanas! (Yes, I did just ‘a little’ shopping in the Gift Store!)  Don’t you love their shopping bags?

IMG 4669

 I think I got a bit tooooo relaxed!

IMG 4684

 It was wonderful!

IMG 4696

 You could figure I’d have to get a pink Rubber Ducky to add to my collection!

IMG 4709

 Next morning Nikka brought birthday balloons for Sir Charles!  Soooo cute!!!😄

IMG 4717

 I don’t know how but she finds the cutest cards….usually musical with light up thingies!

IMG 4719

 At noon I met delightfully kind and sweet Cris Lutz  at The Huntington’s Munger Research Center for a tour.  We were greater by a darling group of young students and it was gratifying to know the Center is such a wonderful resource for young people!

IMG 4731

 Then off we went in our golf cart to the Rose Garden Tea Room (Is it my birthday???)

IMG 4742

 So serene……

IMG 4749

But first a big hello to the amazing Tom Carruth, Curator of the Huntington’s Rose Collections and authority on all things ROSE!IMG 4756

 I’m showing you the ‘sweets section’ in the Rose Garden Tea Room because I made an effort to be real good and not put any of these yummies on my plate! (Except for the fruit of course!)

IMG 4759

 Tea time it’s all about the scones!

IMG 4760

 See how good I was…..

IMG 4761

Thank you dear Cris for a memorable afternoon and the gift of your friendship!IMG 4775

 Needed to stop by Linda Willner’s, my partner in crime from the MWD excursion.  I had saved a wonderful article from the newspaper about her awesome daughters animal rescue shop on Magnolia in Burbank….another great gal making a difference.  Hi Richard!  I could do a ‘drop in’ (phoned first) because we’re both from the Midwest and used to such things!

IMG 4789

Another memory laden place perfect for celebrating Sir Charles birthday!IMG 4797

 Oh Charles you are so precious and a hug from you makes the sun shine!

IMG 4795

 Mom we’re so happy you could share the evening with us!

IMG 4796

Vicki was worried I didn’t order a cake.  Are you kidding me????  How about the Bistro Garden’s famous Chocolate Souffle??? (They brought it out with a candle of course!)

IMG 4805

 Would you like whipped cream with that?  No, only two bowls please!

IMG 4807

I had ordered a Birthday Souffle to be brought to mom a little bit after Sir Charles’ as we had just celebrated her B-day and didn’t want her to feel neglected!  Or maybe I just wanted more whipped cream!

IMG 4810

Lunch with lovely Jean is such a joy……❤️IMG 4820Happy me! 😄

IMG 4830

 And here’s my cutie Sandie Girl waiting for the fun at Pirch to begin!  You’ll have to check out our amazing time in my next blog….

IMG 4865

In the meantime, may every lovely thing blossom in your life!IMG 4787

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