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…..and that’s certainly an occasion for joy!  Master Don Baird presented ‘Clarinet On Town’ to highlight his compositions.  Lovely wife Maria accompanied ‘Darkening Sky’ and Following the Moon’ by reading two of Don’s poems.12122497 1060307147327444 3693567574340119182 nThat’s more like it Maria….

IMG 5005

 Cutie Diana ‘Bones’ Jeong….

IMG 5006

 Robert Barnhart and Robert Zelickman performed ‘Barnhart Clarinet Duet’.

IMG 5020

 A final bow for John Hester, Double Bass (It’s all about the bass, ‘bot the bass!) Paloma Cisneros-Gamez who performed Tai Ch’i to ‘In a Dream’, 
  Elaina Marshall on piano and the two Roberts.

IMG 5044

 Thank you one and all.  bye, bye!

IMG 5045

 The Huntington’s  Heritage Society had a special event so off Amy & I went….

IMG 5079

 Bartender, make that a double….

IMG 5086

 Thank you Jim Folsom, Director of the Gardens for asking me to teach there oh so many years ago! The Botanical Staff was then in trailers and the class was held in what was referred to as  The Garage’ which is now the Boone Gallery.

IMG 5099

 If there’s someone nicer or cuter than Cris Lutz I haven’t found them!  She & Amy are a perfect pair!

IMG 5104

 These little lamb chops were so fabulous I kept begging for more….

IMG 5128

 Pressing the flesh, Laura Skandera Trombley is the eight and newest president of The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens.

IMG 5129

 Nan Rae collectors Erika & Ken Riley introduced me to Toshie and we had a grand time talking about Japan!!! Toshie, along with being a great supporter of the Huntington was also influential in bringing the Raku exhibit to LACMA.

IMG 5133

Awwwww….nice John Perry who lives right next door to The Old Mill where the California Art Club holds many of it’s exhibitions.IMG 5141

 While waiting for the kind young man with the golf cart to return us to our pumpkin Amy delighted in sitting down.

IMG 5148

 Can you blame her wearing these shoes? Louboutin heels are gorgeous but oh my…..

IMG 5136

 Of course we were hungry.  After all it had been almost an hour since food was spotted.  Recess Eatery always hits it out of the park.  This fish was excellent.

IMG 5151

 The pasta dish was sublime!

IMG 5152

You’ve probably figured out by now that Lizzie and I meet at Bloomie’s for their yummy Strawberry Smoothies….

IMG 5181

I was almost late because on the way….look what I spied at Brand Park….

IMG 5174

At the Nespresso Bar this woman was talking to her wrist….Make that the new Apple iPhone watch.  The funny thing is she finally gave up and had to talk to her husband on her iPhone.

IMG 5196

There was a mixology class later for the Nespresso machines and I got a foamy one for the road…..Too bad they just have the classes once a month.

IMG 5207

Next stop Joann’s…Sandie Girl and Melissa’s happy place….

IMG 5215

Whenever I’m there I get a roll of Necco’s and get sick as can be on the way home eating my way thru to the chocolate ones….

IMG 5216

The weeks shipment from the Green Chef arrived and I had to sort it all out…..

IMG 5220

Vicki and Otto were off to San Francisco and Vegas and so Kim did a pretty good job  of following the recipes.  The Chef was definitely in the kitchen!IMG 5298

O.K., I’m just going to have to do a separate blog about the Fashion and Jewelry Event benefiting The League for Children that was held at Valerie Foster Hoffman’s.  You know by now that anything at Valerie’s is going to be major, major!

IMG 5235

Thanks to an invite from Jean T. Amy & I went to a screening of ‘The Power of the Heart’.  You can watch a trailer of it on YouTube.  I loved it so much I got the video, book and CD’s!

IMG 5334

IMG 5333

Of course we were ‘starving’ afterwards.  I mean it was already 9:00 P.M. and who knows how long since we even saw food!  Amy suggested ‘Flavors of India’ on San Fernando in Burbank and it was sooooo delicious I can’t wait to go back.  We staggered out of there at midnight or should I say rolled….

IMG 5323

Wishing you a week filled with  joyful cuteness!

IMG 5071


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