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…mostly because their Mission Statement can be narrowed to two words…’LIVE JOYFULLY’ and this is consistent throughout from the rubber wristbands in different colors they have for you  with those two words written on them to the green apples there for the taking and to all the inspiring phrases written everywhere…..and so I was delighted when Clara met me there last Sunday for a baking class.  First we must fortify with a Cappuccino.

IMG 5802

Our assignment was Chocolate Brownies….

IMG 5807

 Chef John gives Clara an assist….He is so amazing and I love him!

IMG 5813

Stir, stir, stir…..
IMG 5820

 This fellow got the ‘sticky’ assignment of chopping dates for the muffins.  Glad I missed that one.

IMG 5809

 Oh I should be kind but I remember this fellow from the last class and he’s even more clueless now.

IMG 5835

 Drizzling something yummy onto the muffins….

IMG 5846

 With Jean Chen, the awesome Advisor who helped me with mom’s kitchen and now…..perhaps a new fridge and…..maybe an oven as Vicki just told me ours has the hiccups.

IMG 5843

 Is this fabulous or what?  

IMG 5849

 Chef John prepared an awesome lunch for us while we discussed all things ‘appliance’……

IMG 5853

 Can you believe???

IMG 5861

 So cute.  See why it’s my ‘happy place’?

IMG 5860

 Someone left their $200,000.Lamborghini parked outside Pirch.  It really looks like a space age car and I can’t imagine driving it in the city.

IMG 5862

IMG 5867

 Is that my Bentley that just went past?

IMG 5868

 I went to the Nielsen’s Halloween party after Pirch and loved the chance to catch up with dear Carol.

IMG 5889

 Linda you win!  No one can top that get-up….You are so much fun!

IMG 5911

 Rose cuts out all these figures herself and that’s without going to welding school.

IMG 5916

 Mom said if I went to the Nielsen’s party I had to bring her Rose’s awesome carmelcorn.  Check!

IMG 5917

Wow….all that in one day.  Maybe take a stretching break…..

Someone tell me why I thought this was a good idea instead of getting a double oven….

IMG 5926

Hey Culligan Man!  My State Farm agent told me horror stories about Sparklett’s one of which was that he found some ‘object’ floating in one of the large bottles.  Did you know that they are only rinsed out and then re-cycled?  Lots of bacteria…. so I’m canceling the service & installing a Culligan filter.  We’ll see….

IMG 5927

IMG 6037

Well, I’ll work on this one more day & then quit.

IMG 5931Sir Charles is so amazing I can’t stop taking his handsome photo!  ❤️The grace he continually displays never ceases to amaze me!!!😄IMG 5938

Spotted this at the stop sign on Central before pulling into Americana.  The fellow behind me didn’t much approve of my photo taking so this was the best I could do but still and all it’s a great shot.  Thought the Standard was a pony at first!

IMG 5940

 Doing our ‘thing’ at the  Cheesecake Factory.

IMG 5942

Mom loves the Kobe Burgers……

IMG 5946

I need therapy.  Dog therapy…. and so Kita is now registered as a U.S. Support Dog.  Her vest should be arriving any day now & I’ll be able to take her anywhere and everywhere I go.  Are you excited?  We used to take Yuki to Beverly Hills and she was always a hit at Barney’s as the salesgirls would gather around to pet her.  Yuki didn’t much like that but tolerated it.  Kita will love it and most likely decide to go home with someone else.  She’s always looking for a better offer.

IMG 5943

Here’s cute 9 month old ‘Bacon’…correct, Bacon!

IMG 5959

And little rescue Taco, a mixed Terrier.

IMG 5964

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see this in a Harvard  ‘News’ mailer that I almost threw away! What a wonderful reminder of a beautiful evening at the Peninsula Hotel.

IMG 6071

 Multi-faceted Judith Mancini treated me to a lovely lunch at the Bistro Gardens and we chatted away for over three hours….

IMG 5965


IMG 6002

We talked about so many things and eventually it got around to cooking and the necessity for a double oven.  I mention my sad tale of just having a single with a Viking cabinet above for storage of a little toaster oven.  

IMG 6042

Well, that would not do but I felt ‘socially irresponsible’ to get a replacement when I already had a Viking that after all…I had selected.  How the road of life turns….Vicki informed me the next day that the oven wouldn’t heat up!!!  Say no more…I’m off to my happy place! Jean had a room all set up to welcome me!

IMG 6049

I love Jean Chen.  She helped me so much when mom needed her kitchen do-over.

IMG 6061

After going over several Thermadore options for the oven I spied one that would fit perfectly into the present cut-out so no need for a carpenter.  Instead of the double oven, the one on top is a convection oven and microwave system.  Fantastic!

IMG 6063

After looking about and making my selection, back to the room for the final paper work and it appears on the screen while we’re sitting at a lovely table scarfing down apples, cheeses, cupcakes and the best capuchino next to one I can make you in the studio with the Nespresso machine!

IMG 6064

At this point I was so deliriously happy I got a refrigerator! I guess it’s a good Idea I didn’t go to Japan after all!!!

IMG 6067

Back to work….. I finally finished this painting and should take my own advice and start another…..I’m in a Lotus state of mind.

IMG 6004

……so much so that class Saturday continued the theme.  You can see the discussion at the beginning of class on either YouTube or there is a click thru on Nan Rae Fine Art on Facebook.


IMG 6195

Next week we’ll post the demonstration I did of painting the Lotus in Ink only.

IMG 6079

I mentioned that I had suggested once to the Huntington class that they also write a Hiku on their painting and everyone freaked out!  Well, Laurie Pie thought this was a great idea and wrote this….(hysterical)!

IMG 6082

Next, time to get ready that evening for Diane and Pages Halloween bash.  I told Diane that I don’t ‘do’ Halloween so no costume and she suggested a Venetian mask which I happened to have.  

IMG 6074

However, Amy suggested I use one of hers which was so much better and I gladly accepted.

IMG 6179

See how perfect!IMG 6093

I told Amy that I would split the cost of a ‘little’ hostess gift.  By now you know Amy cannot do anything little!!!

IMG 6084

Diane, out beautiful hostess…..IMG 6156

The piano player wasn’t doing too well so I thought perhaps Amy could give him a ‘hand’.

IMG 6145

Diane’s sweet sister as Beth Smith Chapman and her husband as Duane “Dog” Chapman from ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’.  Need I tell you they won first prize in the couples costume contest?  These two are the most adorable couple ever!!! (There were also two lights that would appear…guess where….Too much information???)

IMG 6146

 The magician was amazing.  He asked me to blow up a balloon and I told him I wasn’t that kind of girl.  Amy’s phone wound up inside of it.

IMG 6123

IMG 6153

IMG 6095

Jack did not bring any burgers but they were not needed as the food was amazing!

IMG 6160

Grab a bowl for the most delicious chili you’ve ever had….with all the trimmings.

IMG 6128

We could not have made it without the kind assist from this young man.  The house has a very steep driveway and then lots and lots of stairs and he carried Amy’s flowers as well.

Nighty night all!

IMG 6172

To make a perfect ending for a perfect week I arrived home to fine the most beautiful note and orchid that Nikka had left for me.  Today is her very first day in her new all grown up home! Wishing you beautiful flowers, friends to share and happiness whereever you go!

IMG 6192

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