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……and this past week was filled with it!  But first Nikka and I were getting the video ‘Looking at Art’ up on YouTube.  This talk was prompted by several articles in the New York Times ‘Art’ section about the major sales happening at Sotheby’s and Christies.

IMG 6195

That day, the New York Times also featured old fashioned food in their Sunday Magazine section.  This really inspired me to get out the big, big jello mold for Thanksgiving.  I used to make a three layer concoction with a delicious maraschino cherry and sour cream dressing. How’s that for being a Domestic Goddess!

IMG 6316

Meanwhile, Kita got her ‘Therapy Dog’ vest so perhaps she can go grocery shopping with me for the big cookout.

IMG 6217

Even getting new tires turned into a cooking/foodie experience.  I was re-reading Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Medium Raw’ and the serviceman at the tire place came over to talk about all things Bourdain.  Can you believe???IMG 6223

Then it was off to my happy place…’Pirch’…to check on the price of a beautiful bathroom robe hanger Clara wants to use in her new home.  Of course I stayed for my cappuccino and apple.

IMG 6227

Ta da!  New oven day!

IMG 6260

Charles had great fun watching the proceedings…..

IMG 6268

I measured so many times but the space was too small.  Fortunately the side sections of the opening could be removed.  Interestingly, I still have not measured to see if the turkey pan fits inside!  WOOPS!!!  Let’s all just think positively.

IMG 6272

Of course Kita had to be cordoned off for most of the day….as this turned out to be more complicated than anticipated….

IMG 6284

To entertain ourselves we recorded mom singing a thank you to all of her Facebook fans! Look at the expression on the installation fellow.  That tells a tale….

IMG 6306

Later in the day…some of the electrical outlets would not work and Armen, the electrician, had to come over and save the day.

IMG 6318

He’s the nicest man and sooooo smart!  Thank you Armen!

IMG 6321

Ta da! 😃👍🌟✌️💞

IMG 6323

It even tells me to enjoy my meal even if it was just warming up my coffee!

IMG 6325

After being penned up Kita was thrilled to see Mary Beth as that meant a great walk in the park!

IMG 6335

Apparently there was an art happening going on so Miss Kita thought she should pose in front of one of the installations.  This shot may make the christmas card!

IMG 6356

Howard Moss from the L.A. Opera visited the studio where somehow peace and calm reigned.

IMG 6357I was delighted to be gifted with the new Placido Domingo CD…..

IMG 6361

…and a list of LA Opera’s 30th season.

IMG 6363

Thank you Howard for the lovely lunch at Ca Del Sol.  This was the best Sea Bass ever!

IMG 6360

That should have been enough nourishment for the day but it was Thursday and you know that’s the day I go to the Cheesecake Factory and get takeout for mom and Nikka.

IMG 6374

The next day Amy had a huge job to complete and Nikka and I stopped by to cheer her on.  She worked so hard and this week she is paying the price for it with a fever and just feeling awful.  Sooooo sorry Sweet Amy!  We love you! ❤️

IMG 6378One of the container ‘boxes’ Amy designed…..

IMG 6380

Vicki was helping Amy open the roses.  Each petal had to be opened by hand and there were hundreds of roses!!!

IMG 6383

Bye bye Amy…..we love you!  ❤️💖💗

IMG 6385

You are looking at Sandie Girl’s latest creation.  A year’s worth of beautiful needlepoint about to be turned into a Christmas stocking.

IMG 2306

Here’s some of the amazing detail…

IMG 2303

Then Saturday it was Calligraphy with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow which everyone loves!

IMG 6398

Nikka and I worked so hard in the office all day that the only answer was a pizza to restore some level of energy.  So happy  for Papa John’s.  Can you believe we devoured this entire pizza???

IMG 6406

I wish you blue skies and happy days filled with joy!

IMG 6239







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