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……I would have been in Japan this past week for the fall colors….

IMG 20151113 105737

……possibly having a breakfast such as Ralph just sent….

IMG 20151113 091938

….but since Trudy just returned with some goodies from there…. I had a taste of Japan right here!

IMG 6599

Oh well, the new fridge got installed……

IMG 6616

But not without the guys playing with Kita first…..Sort of a prerequisite for coming to the house.

IMG 6601

Meanwhile, I was off to the Music Center for a Founder’s Luncheon to welcome Rachel S. Moore, the new President and CEO.

IMG 6660

Foodie Alert:

Scarborough Farms Mixed Greens Salad, Shaved Vegatables, Shallot Sherry Vinaigrette.  Served with Baguette, Flat Bread and Grissinis

IMG 6631

Three Mustard Rubbed Free Range Chicken, Vichy Carrots, Fried Leeks, Creamy Gruyere Polenta  This was lovely but not as wonderful as Sandie’s Mustard Chicken!

IMG 6632

Vanilla Cheesecake, Seasonal Berries, Vanilla Chantilly, Fruit Chip This is not helping my diet one bit!

IMG 6645

Thomas O’Connell knows absolutely everyone in the city….perhaps in the universe…..

IMG 6634

This was a huge treat.  From the Music Center’s Spotlight Program, alumna Golda Berkman and Anna Schubert sang my all time favorite, the Lakme Flower Duet!  Heavenly!!!

IMG 6656

Got home in time to get a little work done….

IMG 6669

….Even some mounting…..

IMG 6666

Next day Laurie Pie and I were off to Changs Frames in El Monte.  We were laughing so hard most of the way trying to get the GPS or Siri to work…..

IMG 6686

I love this Landscape laurie painted…..

IMG 6679

Here’s the paintings I picked up for Nikka…..

IMG 6699

Can you believe I had to introduce Laurie to ‘The Habit’?  She declared it best burger!!!  Sooooo yummy or maybe that’s because we were both famished!

IMG 6687

Got home in time to change and meet Tomiko at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium to hear John Cleese (one of the Distinguished Speakers Series).

IMG 6697

Next evening at the Americana…Ba humbug!  It’s way too early for this Rick Caruso!  Good golly, let’s at least enjoy Thanksgiving first!  Oh well….….

IMG 6708

I picked up dinner for mom and Nikka at The Cheesecake Factory and discovered mom enjoying one of my YouTube video’s.  Soooo cute!

IMG 6709

Last Friday and time to go to ‘The Compound Production House’ for a 10:00 A.M. interview on ‘Dishing With Judith’!

DWJ Nan Rae

 Here’s Judith with technical wizard engineer  Tyler and Nikka taking a video of it all.  We hope to have it up on YouTube next week.

IMG 6715

Do these earphones make me look fat?

IMAG1305 1

Goofing off with Tyler…..


 Then it was off to Centinella for Kita’s food and another doggie bed.  This is about the seventh one and I got the most gynormous one they had.  Not that it matters as she seems to either chew or disdain them.

IMG 6726

 I introduced Nikka to Home Depot as we needed hanging implements for the artwork.  She’s getting used to my carrying on….I think…..

IMG 6728

 Anyway, she loves her paintings and that’s all that matters…..

IMG 6733

 I think the most precious thing ever was seeing how much Sandie Girl loved all the cards I’ve received from students showing their wonderful artwork!  I told her the story of getting the special Japanese hand thrown bowl just for them!

IMG 6755

 Oh that Nikka!  She did the most amazing work for Sandie……

IMG 6744

 Since Jim was out of town I was able to detain and deliver…a pizza!  Plus yummy ribs from Trader Joe’s!!! 

IMG 6756

 Sandie just missed seeing Amy who stopped by with this amazing creation.🌺  Nikka and I just sat and stared at it!!! 💗

IMG 6759

 Saturday I met the lovely Tina Marie at the Montage for brunch.  They have a delightful roof garden which I had not been to and it was the perfect spot for a delicious repast and nice long chat.

IMG 6796

 Is it possible to eat too much fruit?

IMG 6795

 I opted for the Fish Tacos.

IMG 6797

 Since it was actually ‘brunch’ Tina Marie had an omelet.

IMG 6798

 When I came home Nikka showed me how to use the Google Cardboard and we had more fun!  (And more food!!!)

IMG 6808Gosh it was a wonderful week after all and I wish you the same! 😄

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