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…..not that I’m interested but it could be fun so off to Rusnak to test drive a new Jaguar.

IMG 6815


 It was the thought of nibbles that enticed me.
IMG 6811I went first and headed towards the Reilly’s to do a fun surprise pop in when I remembered they were out of town.  What was I thinking?

IMG 6835

 We had a lovely drive around the Arroyo….

IMG 6836

 It’s all about the gift bag isn’t it?

IMG 6858

 It was Sunday.  Right?  Our day of rest.  Right?  What could be more relaxing then going to the Langham, sitting by the fire and having nibbles.

Only problem was someone needs to talk to the chef.  Oh my gosh the food was awful.  I have such fond memories of that hotel when it was the Ritz Carlton.  Charles & I were married in the courtyard and managed to hang out there a lot.

IMG 6851

 Oh well.  Tomorrow was another day or something like that.  Time for puppy to get her bath and ‘Must Love Dogs’ is so super fantastic that she can’t run into the ‘spa’ fast enough!

IMG 6865

 No Kita, Liz does not want to dance with you and no again….you can’t go home with her.

IMG 6875

 Wednesdays class at the Huntington was super fun and Pam managed to crank out 5 images for her hubby to select from for their Christmas card.

IMG 6944

 I decided to do a pop in at Pirch ….reason way to complicated….too much bla bla… and ran into Mary, a Nan Rae art collector.  Funny story there but ask me privately!

IMG 6947

 The Culligan man was back and the whole water filtration thing is turning into a complicated situation….way too much detail, you’ll fall asleep!

IMG 6959

 To brighten my day in the midst of grand chaos Lisa came over and we shared some laughs and caught up….

IMG 6968

 Sweetest of the Sweet Lynne finished a wonderful painting for her Christmas card and Nikka brilliantly converted it to card size or whatever it is that she does so wonderfully .

IMG 7050

 Amy went with me to a party for a friend at Ca Del Sole but we could only stay long enough to devour the wonderful nibbles…

IMG 6976

IMG 6981

 Then off we went for an 8:00 screening of ‘Tyrus’ which was formerly titled ‘Brushstrokes in Hollywood’ at the CTN animation eXpoo 7.0 at the Marriott..  I’m so thrilled to have a small part in supporting this amazing movie about Tyrus Wong, our National Treasure that was written and produced by my dear friend Pamela Tom.  Lisa See did a marvelous job of narrating and we were inspired by this man who carved out the most amazing career beginning with the beautiful backgrounds for Disney’s classic ‘Bambi’!

IMG 7009 Tyrus, at the young age of 105 was at the screening and busy signing posters for the film.

IMG 7010

 Nan Rae art at Nikka’s first home! She not only found it herself but did all the decorating!

IMG 7038

 I’m thrilled she has my very favorite painting!

IMG 7040

 There was too long a line for photo op with The Gingerbread Man so I just snapped him as he made this little boy cry!  Sorta like the response to clowns.

IMG 7058

 Couldn’t pass up this Shiba Inu as everyone who went on the spring trip to Japan will attest to.

IMG 7091

 Finally….the Rellly’s! They’re soooo cute!! We met at Americana and saw ‘Spectre’ the latest James Bond thriller.  Loved it and almost finished the LARGE bag of popcorn!

IMG 7093

 On to Freida’s for some Mexican food….

IMG 7090

If you’re thinking of Christmas gifts, check out for beautiful treasures. It’s a joy just to see her website!  She’ll be delighted to create something special and hand write a message on the porcelain.IMG 7017

 Wishing you joy!






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