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…..and this year’s was the very best ever!!!

I think I went to the store 5 times including a stop at Sur La Table for a new tablecloth and napkins.  Oh yes, potholders!

IMG 7042

It was so much fun seeing Amy at Trader Joe’s!

IMG 7257

Of course the table has to be set the day ahead….

IMG 7283

Sweet Nikka brought this beautiful arrangement…As usual, Nikka hid from me so there’s no photo of her for our Thanksgiving.  Boo hoo…

IMG 7301

And Mary Beth sent over an Edible Fruit Basket….

IMG 7347

I haven’t varied the menu from day one:

3 Layered Jello Mold with Marshmallow/Sour Cream Dressing

IMG 7316

‘Stuffing for People Who Don’t Like Stuffing’ with cranberries, lots of nuts, chestnuts and assorted good stuff. I usually cube my own bread but discovered LaBrea Bakery’s and it’s wonderful. (The onions and celery are prepared a day ahead.)

Candied Yams with more Cranberries, more nuts,frozen OJ, tons of butter and all the appropriate seasonings. Note:  Princella Yams are better than fresh!

‘Cranberries for People who Don’t Like Cranberries’ (The secret is Kumquats but none of the stores had them so Mandarin Oranges and 1/2 can frozen OJ substituted) Oh grated Lemon rind and lemon juice.

Curried Baked Fruit…again lots of butter and you use assorted canned fruit that’s well drained.

Cooked Carrots (drained)  with Butter, Grapes and Cointreau.

Cornbread with Honey Butter….This is Vicki’s department.

Of course the Turkey that’s stuffed with onion, celery, apples, an orange and whatever else I can cram in there.

IMG 7307

Gravy….always an adventure to make……

Dear Clara brought the Green Beans with Almonds and Delicious Creamed Corn made by Kathy.  How cute is this!!!

IMG 7310

 What to begin with? Prosciutto stuffed with Organic Adriatic Fig Spread and Goat Cheese

Lovely Krista lent a helping hand!

IMG 7309

Ready, set….begin! Mom adores Rex and we were thrilled he could join us…….Thank you Rex for the awesome wines!

IMG 7394

Rex was also commandeered to be our Barista during desert and I still can’t figure out how he makes such magic happen with the Nespresso machine! (Even after he showed me!)IMG 7397

I’m thrilled to pieces that I didn’t burn the turkey in the new oven….We started out using the convection & then switched to regular baked…

IMG 7317

IMG 7318Come on Vicki…carve that bird!IMG 7333

Krista and Brett are so adorable….We had great fun with the British ‘Crackers’ after dinner……IMG 7358

Kita is madly in love with them and will follow them anywhere…..She had to be cordoned off during dinner so Krista and Brett took turns comforting her.

IMG 7428

IMG 7407

Desert?  Room for desert?  Of course!

Clara made a wonderful Tiramisu and also brought my favorite…Panna Cotta, made just for me by Kaley, Kathy’s amazingly wonderful daughter!

IMG 7344

Brett made an amazing Apple Crisp…

IMG 7345

Precious Amy was able to come by after she had her family’s celebration (two turkeys!) You’re looking at love personified!

IMG 7339

I could not be more blessed……

IMG 7342

Perhaps a little more rested would be good….

IMG 7391

Our hearts are so filled with love and gratitude for this, the most joyful, beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving ever!

IMG 7401 3

May your every day be blessed! 




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