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My ‘Audition’ was held at Raleigh Studios…..

IMG 7201

…..where I had to sign in and get an identifying wrist band….

IMG 7106

I had hoped to be able to test drive the actual Jaguar ‘SPECTRE’ car but was told…’please….don’t touch the car!’  It’s a million dollars worth of metal!!!

IMG 7121

Here’s the story board.  What!!!  No dialogue???  I need dialogue!

IMG 7127

I declined the offer to be ‘officially made up’. I mean, who knows where those brushes have been. (As a spy I should… shouldn’t I???)

IMG 7128

Ready for my action shots….

IMG 7133

Then it was off to test drive the 2016 Jaguar XF

IMG 7156

My driving companion drives race cars for Mazda and I had to really up my game….. 

IMG 7159

We tooled around Hollywood for quite some time and no surprise….I spotted this dog carrying his toy and swerved ‘off course’ to follow and get a photo.  I know, you’re not surprised.

IMG 7172

It was worth it although I probably gave my driving companion quite a fright but honestly….how cute is this!

IMG 7175

Next we went to an empty lot Jaguar had set up with cones to approximate a racing course with lots of curves…..sooooo fun!!!

IMG 7168

Back to the studios for food as I was in dire need of ‘re-fueling’!

IMG 7188

IMG 7187

A little fun with a really old Hollywood movie camera….

IMG 7191

Finally, a photo op that will be put together with  the Jaguar I was supposed to feed in the video.  What?  You haven’t seen the video?  Are you on Facebook?  

IMG 7184

My roar was better…….

20151122182218922 JaguarWishing you always a ‘roaring’ good time!

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