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I always look forward to all of my classes but this past week at the Huntington was an explosion of JOY!  There were 19 students and we painted Camellias. 

IMG 9595

…….But first, because there were quite a few new students, I did a review of various brush strokes and the proper brush to use for each.

IMG 9594

By the time I remembered to take a group photo, class was over and half of the students had left……
IMG 9608

 I met mom and Nikka at Americana later for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Nikka took this photo of mom and it’s one of my all time favorites.  Thanks Nikka!

IMG 9607

 The next day I was back at the Huntington Gardens with Amy for a private  ‘Downton Abbey’ tour and high tea for the Fellows Committee.

IMG 9616

We were privileged to hear Catherine Hess, Chief Curator of European Art, talk about objects in the Huntington’s collection that were originally owned by the actual Downton Abbey Heiress, Lady Carnarvon.

IMG 9618

IMG 9625

 Amy took some great photos…..

IMG 9637

FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 5

Turns out this woman was quite scandalous and this portrait was featured in the movie ‘The Hamilton Woman’. (Just a little factoid for you.)FullSizeRender 2

 FullSizeRender 3

 ‘Pinky’ by Thomas Lawrence in 1794

FullSizeRenderAnd of course the famous  ‘Blue Boy’ by Thomas GainsboroughFullSizeRender 3

So many treasures……FullSizeRender 2

Afterwards we all walked over to the Rose Cottage Tea Room where we were treated to a High Tea in the Herb Room.

IMG 9653

IMG 9656

 I think this was my second helping…….

IMG 9657

 I was delighted to see this framed painting in the Herb Room of Camellias, our subject for the month.  Call that serendipity!

IMG 9658

Just time for a quick stop in the Gift Shop where Marta delightfully showed us where my Monkey cards are displayed.

IMG 9661

Amy notices everything and it’s a joy to share in what she spots.  Case in point, these little berries on the ‘Marina Strawberry Tree” that I would have completely missed!

IMG 9663

We’ll also have great fun painting Monkeys as it’s their year!  Lizzie Girl did a great job and I wish I had taken a photo of her work.  This was my demonstration painting.

IMG 9691

Later, I met Sandie Girl and we saw ‘Brooklyn’ but first….a tour of Reilly Manor to see all the amazing renovations they’ve done.  I especially love the master bath with this oh so interesting window treatment and the plants Sandie strategically placed.

IMG 9692


IMG 9696

The grandkids room is a real winner….

IMG 9697

Off to Arc Light in Pasadena for the movie and two large tubs of popcorn as neither of us had lunch.  (Great excuse!)IMG 9699

Time for dinner at Tokyo Owako.  I’m not quite sure what this was but it looked nice and warm with lots of yummy stuff!IMG 9714

IMG 9700

 I figured out this was the Ladies Room.

IMG 9706

Next morning I met the beautiful Tina Marie for brunch at AOC in West Hollywood.

IMG 9721

I only mention that because they have the best French Toast on the planet and of course a side of bacon didn’t hurt. I polished off the bacon with no help but we split an omelet that surprisingly needed great help. Six hours later we staggered out wondering how anyone could sit that long on their all too hard chairs!

IMG 9722

Well, one must follow their heart and Kim is leaving us to go back to his love in the Philippines. That truly throws a monkey wrench in everything what with Sir Charles and mom.  Somehow it will all work out.  We’ll miss him and his entertaining outfits!

IMG 9720I’ll close this blog with a reminder to love everyone ‘till their buttons fall off!’IMG 9767

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