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More and more Sundays start the week off with Tina Marie, Nikka and me having brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  This time it was poolside.

IMG 1644

The little jars of Maple Syrup are so adorable we asked for some to take home!

IMG 1646

 I think the basic idea is to see how much room there is on the table.  Here’s the waffles….for the table….and the fruit plate….for the table, with a view of my Eggs Benedict.

IMG 1647

 Nikka always wants anything she can have with fries and this time it was a club sandwich.

IMG 1648


IMG 1654

 So far we’ve sold five pairs of shoes on e-Bay but the downside is I’ve become an e-Bay addict bidding on stuff!!!

IMG 1835

 I really loved these loafers.  Too bad I never wore them.

IMG 1918Looks like I’m way behind in the blogging department as I never did write about Passover.  This cheese scene is to take my mind off of all I had to get at Whole Foods.IMG 1933

You’re probably wondering why there’s a photo of Kita placed here.  It’s actually her ‘mug’ shot as she was a very, very, very bad girl!  The day of the Seder she snuck out of the house and escaped to who knew where.  I hunted for her with the car (Minus cell phone & ID) while Vicki got Trudy’s husband to also go driving about.  I won’t bore you with the gruesome details other than she turned up next door where poor little rescue Tulip lives, wanting to get her paws and quite possibly her jaws on her!  Bad, bad dog!IMG 1940

 Back to the Seder for mom…..all is in order……

IMG 1941

IMG 1944

 Mom wanted Matzo Ball Soup…….

IMG 1956

 Meanwhile, bad, bad dog is cordoned off…..She’s watching for Tulip!

IMG 1961

 All in all Charles thought it went well….

IMG 1965

 This year our Amy was selected to decorate the Living Room at Robinsons Gardens for their big fund raising event on May 14th

IMG 2032

We went to do a second ‘walk thru’ and Nan Rae collector Diane Jenkins  (in the middle) greeted us.

IMG 1998

 Lots and lots of thinking for Amy…..

IMG 2006

 But always time for a selfie!

IMG 2054

 What’s so nice is that they always have a yummy spread set out for the designers and florists…..

IMG 2050

 Can’t say I did a very good job of controlling myself….

IMG 2002

 Go anywhere with Amy and she’ll see beauty in absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

IMG 1995

IMG 2025

IMG 2029

IMG 2034

 We were heading into Beverly Hills when this pack of 24 dogs with four walkers was spotted.  Parking the car, we spent 30 minutes of bliss….

IMG 2036

 Four walkers, 6 dogs each and all behaved perfectly .

IMG 2039

 They’re called ‘The Healing Pack’ and will be here in two weeks to ‘evaluate’ Kita!

IMG 2040

 Yes, it’s not a joke.  I really did clean out a sock drawer!

IMG 2059

Enough of that.  Time to play and no better entertainment than ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Murder’ at the Ahmanson.

IMG 2111

I didn’t have time for lunch so cookies and nuts in the Founders Room had to suffice during intermission.

IMG 2091Even pooches like the theatre…..

IMG 2097

I guess this poster was worth the $50.00.  It went to a good cause…..and besides, it’s autographed. Maybe I’ll put it on e-Bay!

IMG 2110

 I just want to know if you believe this photo.  A bird photo bombed the scene and I didn’t realize it until the photo’s went into iPhoto.  (I had been stopped at a light and loved the way the trees looked.)

IMG 2140

Just in case you think I didn’t get in any work during the week….

IMG 2129

Class in the studio was delightful.  Somehow at lunchtime everyone decided to sit at the round table.


IMG 2154

Sweet Lynne came over for Nikka to make some cards for her to have at this weekends Sierra Madre Art Fair.  (Nikka & I went there yesterday but that’s in the next blog.)

IMG 2164

Can I pass up a dog along the way?IMG 2082

Nikka and I had worked hard so it was time for burgers and other ‘stuff’ at The Habit.

IMG 2173

This is one of my all time favorite doggie photo’s and it was taken right outside The Habit.

IMG 2179

Hope you got your ticket for the Robinson Gardens 28th annual garden tour event this coming Saturday.

IMG 2139




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