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….Or at least that’s how very special Maggie made me feel from the moment I entered her magical courtyard!

IMG 2501

Maggie began our afternoon by opening a bottle of lovely Elderberry juice/soda…..Aren’t the glasses lovely?

IMG 2505

But permit me to backtrack just a bit.  Maggie was the wife of Dr. Om P. Sharma, a true renaissance man, USC Professor of Medicine, teacher, model and source of inspiration to countless people.  A pioneer on the field of sarcoidosis, Dr. Sharma published over 500 articles along with a dozen books and dear Maggie was the editor of all.  I tell you that so you can grasp that together they were truly a renaissance couple in every sense of the term.  You are surrounded by that, it envelopes you when you’re in their home….their many travels and awards, their vast interests and love of life. Every inch of their home was filled with beautiful paintings and interesting objet’s d’art….. 

IMG 2507

…..along with so many  books in every room,  ranging from The Illiad, Shakespeare and beyond.IMG 2509

IMG 2502


IMG 2514

IMG 2536

My favorite book of all?  Maggie’s exquisite poetry!

IMG 3149

With all of this scholarship one does not feel intimidated but rather brought into a world of loving attention. A feast for the soul enhanced by flowers EVERYWHERE!

IMG 2497

Now for the ‘food’ feast!IMG 2542

Maggie had made a lovely salad, individual Yorkshire pudding and beef cups, assorted Finger Sandwishes, Petit Fours, Scones with the trimmings, my choice of tea and homemade Gelato! Oooooo sooooo good!

IMG 2535

Is it no wonder that I felt like royalty?

But wait….I haven’t come to the best part…..

Maggie was so inspired by my class at the Huntington that she had a studio built and is now happily creating beautiful Brush paintings!

IMG 2544

IMG 5495

Thank you dear Maggie for a day that will linger long in my heart!

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