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 Sandie Girl and I are both May babies and so we like to do something special to celebrate together.  This year it was the Virginia Robinson Gardens 28th Annual Garden Tour. ‘De Colores, The Art of Botanical Seduction’

IMG 3187

 Pretending I’m with Frida Kahlo…..

IMG 2564

 ´This year Amy was chosen to do the flowers for the Living Room! Don’t you love her new name!!! ‘Le Jardin Privé’

IMG 2599

IMG 2601

IMG 2607

IMG 2604

IMG 2606

 I’m so very proud of you Amy.  Your work is magnificent!!!

IMG 2608

 What to do with a huge $25,000 Hermés Birkin bag?  Why plant peonies in it of course!!! (This in the room next to Amy’s.)

IMG 2610

 This wonderful sign was on the buffet table…..

IMG 2613

 Everything was sooooo good I went back for seconds…..

IMG 2611

IMG 2615

Did I mention my shoes?  Rather Frida like don’t you think?IMG 2616

 Did someone say dessert?  I’m on my way…..

IMG 2617

 Too many choices…Me bad!

IMG 2620

 Had to check out ‘Jo Malone’ while in the pool area……

IMG 2623

 Why did I eat those desserts?  I think I used to be thin….never this thin however.

IMG 2630

 Well Sandie Girl, Happy Birthday to us!  This was a great way to celebrate!!!

IMG 2639

 Waiting for my car I spied this area that reminded me of Monet’s garden!

IMG 2640

 Did I win the Le Jardin Privé lottery?  It appears so.  Thank you dear Amy!

IMG 2669

 Next day, some art at the Getty with Patricia…..

IMG 2687

 Except that we spent five hours eating and talking so….no art that day!

IMG 2689

 Time for the annual Heritage Society’s luncheon at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

IMG 2718

 I was surprised, pleased and delighted to be seated at President Laura Skandera Trombly’s table. However, I started re-arranging the seating so Amy could be next to me.  How nervy can one get?  Nearly moved major donor Olin.  Eeeee gads!

Laura gave the loveliest talk about the wonders in the Gardens and I was stunned to hear her mention me and the classes that I teach there. Thank you Laura!

IMG 2722

 Sweet Cris Lutz announces everyone…..

IMG 2719

 The lecture was ‘Electric Fire, Tales of the Huntington’s Lightbulb Collections’.  Amazingly, this turned out to be fascinating.

IMG 2731

 Our attempt at a selfie!  Note:  Need more practice!!!

IMG 2756

This pretty much sums up all that I feel about the Huntington Botanical Gardens!

IMG 2444

 May your day be as bright and beautiful as these Matilija Poppies!

IMG 2774




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