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…and the day started out so fun with balloons, flowers, cake and presents!  Thank you dear Charles, Nikka and Vicki!IMG 2840

The post-it on the door was to remind me to take mounting paste to class. (It was stored in the fridge.)

IMG 2830

Nikka is just tooooo cute!  Note ‘THE’ Nan Rae!IMG 2846

Kita thought ‘never mind who it’s for…I’m getting in on this’!IMG 2904

….. the best way to celebrate the day was teaching 26 students at the Huntington Botanical Gardens!

IMG 2867

At lunch Lulu had a surprise B-day cake for me and everyone sang ‘the song’!

IMG 2850

Iris thoughtfully brought my lunch. (Probably tired of seeing me eating a protein bar.)

IMG 2851

I was  so delighted to see Danielle, Jim Folsom’s #1 Assistant, Robert Hori, the Gardens Cultural Curator, along with Sweet Cris Lutz surprise me with a birthday visit!

IMG 2859

IMG 2858

…and a beautiful Phalaenopsis born and bred at the Huntington!

IMG 2865

When I arrived home there was a golden envelope with a secret destination on it!  Dinner at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena where Charles and I were married! (It was the Ritz Carlton at the time.) In case you’re wondering….those are giant shrimp, not carrots!

IMG 2876

Yes, that’s a 32oz hunk of meat.  Carnivore that I am I reluctantly shared it with Nikka.  (There was soooooo much left over.  What was I thinking???)

IMG 2881

Love this!

IMG 2883

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for making this the best, best birthday ever!  May all your days be sweet!!!IMG 2894

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