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….is going on here and the month of June will be a messy time street wise!

IMG 3476Phase one was removing the old pavement and next the cracks got gooped!

IMG 3511When I phoned the contractor to find out what day/days we’d be unable to pull out of the driveway I was told they have no clue and don’t even have all their permits yet!  Wha??? Your city works for you!!!

Amy and Marian came over to see if they could use any of the Chinese children’s books.  Marian is a wonderful collage & assemblage artist and found several that she can use in her amazing work…check out  We still have quite a few books left so please do come over and pick out some.

IMG 3458

Time to meet mom and Nikka at the cheesecake Factory.  This humongous plate of Nachos is for the table and may I say it’s soooo good we’re going back for more tonight!IMG 3461

I wasn’t stuffed enough so I ordered all this and those two got some shrimp dishes.  This is definitely out of control!

IMG 3463

After stopping for ice cream cones (correct) mom & Nikka tried on hats at Nordstrom. So cute!IMG 3467

The birthday celebrating continued with a yummy Strawberry Whipped Cream cake from Tina Marie and more singing….

IMG 3480

IMG 3498

Fortunately on Saturdays there’s street parking so Calligraphy went on as scheduled. Adorable 91 years young Ada is sitting next to Tom and Johnny, her 93 years young BOYFRIEND is next to Miss Judith! Just too cute!!!IMG 3503

My Sweet Amy decided there was more B-day celebrating to do so off we went to the Langham in Pasadena.IMG 3528Getting a little better at selfies…..Note to self:  Remove glasses!IMG 6009

I always love going to that hotel and seeing the courtyard where Charles & I were married.  It was the Ritz Carlton then.IMG 3538

Just time for one last hurrah before starting my diet.  The perfect place was Bea Bea’s… a jam (no pun intended) packed ‘breakfast all day’ haven in Toluca Lake where their motto is ‘BREAKFAST IS EVERYTHING’. Sweet Lulu was game for going there but we actually had more of a lunch thingie and ate outside as inside you can’t even hear yourself trying to think!  Plan on a good half hour wait for a table if you’re lucky!IMG 3554I can’t think of a better way to close this blog entry so I’ll wish you lots of yummy treats where the calories don’t count!

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