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…Perhaps it’s eating ice-cream on the deck watching the fireworks……..IMG 4148 ….but secretly I suspect it’s the grilled cheese sandwiches I always make.  Piled high with cheese, bacon and tomatoes and grilled with a ton of butter.  Everyone throws artery caution to the wind!

IMG 4132

It’s really all about the bacon!IMG 4131Mom loves them….

IMG 4137…and so does Charles!

IMG 4150Before the ice-cream a little watermelon to cleanse the palate….

IMG 4151We can see the fireworks at the Starlight Bowl….

IMG 4245Universal City…..

IMG 4255…and Dodger Stadium not to mention all of the illegal fireworks going off all thru the valley!

IMG 4213

Then it was time for some silly stuff!

IMG 4158IMG 4159

Next year, if you don’t make plans please do come join the party!IMG 4161

 I’m so grateful for Mr. Yoshida who came all the way from Santa Monica for me, his only customer on this side of town.  He brought the exquisite Juniper back into it’s glorious condition as when Jeffrey tended to it.  Mr. Yoshida also worked on the Black Pines and gave me some excellent advise on their care.  He’ll be coming back twice a year to make sure everything stays tip top!  Thank you Mr. Yoshida!!!

IMG 4271

IMG 4270

 Kita could tell Mary Beth pulled up to take her to the park….oh joy!

IMG 4060

 Don’t you love this shirt!!!

IMG 4071

I was delighted to have Precious Maggie come to the studio to work on a special project!IMG 4044

And super excited to get the new Wolf stovetop!  Down with Viking!IMG 4002

 Awwwwww………….so happy!

IMG 4012

 I had a special invitation to see a technical/dress rehearsal of ‘Grey Gardens The Musical’ at the Ahmanson and Amy was able to join me.

IMG 4085

 Isn’t this fascinating?  All the various directors have their islands of computers set up where the audience would sit for a performance.

IMG 4087

When we saw a ballet dress rehearsal at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion it wasn’t nearly as complicated. That was great fun however because the director was speaking in Russian and Amy could interpret for me!IMG 4126

One of the many interruptions….IMG 4101

 We had the best seats in the theatre.  The first of the special boxes on the side.  Lovely Natalie stopped by to say hi.

IMG 4127

After that we were really famished so off to Din Tai Fung where we hit it just right and had no wait…..First…Must have Mango Boba!IMG 4114Then the usual suspects.  Pork Dumplings, Garlic Green Beans and yummy Cucumbers!

IMG 4119

Work started on the area around the elevator.  What a horrible job cutting down and then digging out the roots of the old Bamboo.IMG 4024

 And it was so very hot…..

IMG 4033

The project is coming along beautifully and next blog I’ll have some wonderful photos to show you.  In the meantime, beautiful custom hand made paper just arrived from China and I’m excited to work on it.

IMG 4348May your week be filled with productivity and excitement!

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