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On July 4th, NASA’s Spacecraft JUNO completed it’s successful five year journey to Jupiter to begin it’s elliptical orbit peering deep inside this huge planet telling scientists about cosmic leftovers that coalesced into our solar system…searching for our beginnings.

Dr. Adriana Ocampo was in town from NASA headquarters in Washington where she oversees this massive project to be at JPL in Pasadena for the momentous day.  Now who better than Valerie Foster Hoffman to host a dinner party in Dr. Ocampo’s honor?  No one!

Carol and I arrived early….

IMG 4282Prince wanted in on the party….

IMG 4279

IMG 4335

Just look at this beautiful table poolside….

IMG 4331

Chef Josie treated us royally…..
IMG 4277

 Just a little peek at her culinary skills….

IMG 4338

IMG 4340

IMG 4341

Adriana shows me a ‘selfie’ taken at JPL during the celebrating!IMG 4294

 How can someone be that brilliant, kind and loving?  There’s probably a ‘cosmic’ answer to that one.  Here I am happily in the middle with dear Carol to my left (your right).


Well from planetary stars to ballet stars…

Jim Reilly had gotten our Sandie Girl tickets to the American Ballet Theatre’s performance of the Firebird at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion/Music Center for her birthday so I asked them to meet  Nikka, Amy and myself in the Founders Room during the intermissions so we could all celebrate.  I gave Jim and Sandie strict instructions not to dawdle getting there as the intermissions are always way too short.

IMG 4388

Awwwww…………I love you Sandie Girl!IMG 6446

Nikka, Dr. Jim, Sandie Girl, myself and Sweet Amy……IMG 4394

 It was thrilling to see the incomparable Misty Copeland!

Dance 1516 abt firebird2May you have a thrilling week filled with dazzling beauty!

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