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…..beginning with Maggie as we attended a cooking class at ‘PIRCH’, one of my favorite, joyful places.

IMG 4774

Chef John made sure all participants had a station and a task….

IMG 4773

 Maggie polished up her knife skills with onions, tomatoes and a few other items….

IMG 4779

 How amazing was catching this on one of the ovens…..

IMG 4783

 I assigned myself the task of official photographer so you’ll have to ask Maggie what all this is….

IMG 4784

 O.K., I did chop the capers with a very little knife and grated the zest of the lemon…..

IMG 4788

 There was no way I’d get near one of these all too sharp knives…….

IMG 4790

 Maggie was in charge of the most delicious pasta sauce EVER!

IMG 4798

 Meanwhile, at the fresh pasta station…..

IMG 4807

 Final product for the sauce…..Again, ask Maggie for all the ingredients.  I know my capers and lemon zest are in there!

IMG 4809

 Sandie Girl, Chef John cooked the strip steak on the salt block.  I might remember the process if hard pressed…..

IMG 4816

 Oh sooooo good…..

IMG 4822

 More yumminess…..

IMG 4823

 Cutie Melody who is in the gift section at Pirch came by to say hello….

IMG 4825

Yes, happy and content…..and FULL!IMG 4841Until next time……..Remember to be joyful!IMG 4769

More fun.  Standing in the popcorn line before seeing ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ with Eileen, hubby David and Eileen’s cousin Nancy….IMG 4852

IMG 4857

 How cute are Eileen and David….

IMG 4858

 …and here’s cousin Nancy. I was treated not only to the movie but also to dinner at Wood Ranch…. Thank you dear hearts!

IMG 4869

Oh no. Not more eating!  This time at Prosecco Tratorria with Lynda……IMG 4881

This was the second time I ordered this lucious Watermelon and Mozzarella….IMG 4883

 You’re probably not interested in the fish we had so I’m going straight to the Panna Cotta…

IMG 4890Joan and Vivian came over to discuss a talk I’ll be giving to their group and it gave me a chance to show off some of Lissi Kaplan’s exquisite hand painted china.IMG 4682O.K., back to the eating…..This time at La Grande Orange in Pasadena with Amy…IMG 6721…….to meet Lisa…..IMG 4746Nikka created and designed the most wonderful website for Tony Oliver.  Check it out at  Tony was so delighted….he sent Nikka these beautiful flowers!IMG 4756

Nikka joined the class at the Huntington thanks to Ralph who encouraged her to do so.IMG 4698

We worked on Cranes and Pine, Plum or Bamboo that could be placed in a Crane painting.  Someone saw doggies in my demonstration strokes for the Crane’s tail.  Is this turning into a Rorschark test?IMG 4706

Our adorable class……….IMG 4709

 Nikka & I were really tired and hungry so it was off to Din Tai Fung for an early dinner.  First…Must have Bobba’s….

IMG 4710

This is where to find the very best Pork Dumplings and Garlic Green Beans.  We also had another pork dish with rice that was sensational!IMG 4712Time for Maria and Bridget to have a Kita encounter…..IMG 4919

And then time for me to meet Molly Girl at the Arclight in Pasadena…..

IMG 4937

‘Cafe Society’ was pure Woody Allen and we loved it!….IMG 4935I got over a hundred re-tweets on this photo of Kristen Stewart, female lead in Cafe Society.  I Tweeted it because she was in ‘Catch That Kid’, which filmed here a couple of days and she sat & studied on our patio as a mere twelve year old!IMG 4944

 Kita wants to be adopted by David, Emma’s BF…….

IMG 4946

 To see some lovely artwork and just chill out….order this from Netflix….

IMG 4761Wishing you a world colored with beauty!

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