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….and that’s exactly what beautiful Maggie’s sacred environment is!

IMG 5846

In case you’re wondering, Manjil is a Hindi word and nothing expresses the all encompassing, loving environment better.  I so wanted Nikka to see this enchanting home and what a universal, literary spirit creates.

IMG 5852

As soon as you enter there are art pieces, books, tiles… much to see and everything has a deep, meaningful history. Nikka was enthralled as I knew she would be.

IMG 5850

Sooooo cute!

IMG 5854

Did I mention books everywhere?

IMG 5859

Serious books…..IMG 5857

Books to make you think…..

IMG 5858

Non-fiction histories…..IMG 5874

….and charming books that may have a tiger clinging to them!

IMG 5860

I’ve told you before about Maggie’s knife skills and culinary expertise…..

IMG 5864

IMG 5865

This was really interesting.  All I remember is that is was a crab something….in a perfect avocado shell!

IMG 5866

IMG 5872

Maggie knows I’m crazy for her home made ice cream….This one, lemon with poppy seeds!  Thank you Maggie! 

IMG 5873

Charm in every corner including this in the kitchen…..

IMG 5877The next day Nikka was still dreaming about our afternoon at Maggie’s while we waited for beautiful Tina Marie at the Beverly Hills Hotel.IMG 5882


IMG 5908

At this point we’ve sat in every single booth in the pool area and usually for five hours at a stretch……

IMG 5894

Getting ready for some Gazpacho….IMG 5896

It tasted great but looked way different from what I was expecting…..

IMG 5898

I thought I’d close this blog with something rather domestic….Basil waiting to be planted in the garden.

IMG 5939May all your days be verdant!

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