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I first met Ha on October 19th when I was teaching a Brush Painting class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens  and that happened to be the day when all the exhibitors for the major orchid show, ‘ELEGANT ORCHIDS’ the coming weekend were setting up.

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Ha happened to be setting up his exhibit right outside our class room and his attention to detail completely and totally captivated me so I would sneak out from time to time to watch his progress.

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Having begun early in the morning, Ha would pay special attention to each detail, noting the placement of the exquisite driftwood he brought and making sure each orchid specimen showed itself off to best advantage.  At one point Ha modestly said he didn’t know what he was doing and I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘You know exactly what you are doing’! and we both laughed…..Well, I was proven right by all the ribbons awarded Ha’s display and…..wait for it…..Ha won a beautiful crystal vase inscribed for the ‘BEST OVERALL DISPLAY of SHOW!’ YES!!!

From Ha:

Here are all of the trophies and most ribbons the NHOS team received at the Huntington International Orchid Show over the weekend.

On behalf of the NHOS team, I would like to extend my thank you and appreciation for all your help and contribution. 

Also we would like to thank you the Huntington Library staffs (Brandon TamGayle Brodie, …), the AOS (George Hatfield, Arthur Pinkers, …), the CSA, and all of our orchid’s vendors and friends for making this event possible.


– Best Display in Show (by AOS judges)
– AOS Orchid Trophy (by AOS judges)
– 2nd place exhibit over 40 sqft. (by ribbon judges)
– 7 first place ribbons
– 2 second place ribbons
– 3 third place ribbons

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Ha’s amazing team!14731395 10206134956892244 2252995734811337403 n

Feast your eyes on some of Ha’s orchids….

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There are so many, many more so I would suggest you go to Ha Bui on Facebook and scroll on down to the show.

The day continued to be amazing when during class lunch break I met Daniel L. Geiger, Ph.D.,Curator of Malacology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History who also has a Fellowship at the Huntington. Daniel was so very interesting but he might as well of been speaking Martian as it was all way, way over my head.  At one point I said, “This is so amazing there must be only 5 or 6 people doing what you’re doing.”  The reply?  “No.  I’m the only one!”

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IMG 7608

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IMG 7648

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Class as always was wonderful and I’m way beyond proud of everyone!

IMG 7634

After class I met another exhibitor, Doris, who is so delightful I’m counting her as a new bestie!  Doris also won 15 awards!

IMG 7673

Doris told me she likes to tell a story in her display and asked me to concentrate on the little black dot in the center of this small orchid.  Well, stare as I might….nothing and then…..amazingly I actually saw it….a baby bird and it’s beak!  WOW!

IMG 7670

May you always see the wonder in everything!


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