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Amy & I met Silvet at ‘The ’T’ Room’ for……….

IMG 7799

……..yes friends, it’s teatime once again!IMG 7802

 Oh dear……This is getting out of control!

IMG 7812

 No problem….We’ll just go and hug a tree!

IMG 7822

 And dream of beautiful things……..

IMG 7832

 Now it’s time to learn something.  Did you know that Dr. Jim Folsom conducts a class on botany (in ‘Botany Bay’) at the Huntington Botanical Gardens the last Thursday of each month?  Neither did I.

IMG 7885

So glad dear Maggie told me,  I’m going to try and go with her each month.IMG 7915

This was all about seeds…..

IMG 7891

 ….amazing seeds!

IMG 7894

I’m glad there wasn’t a test after!

IMG 7918

 We decided to treat ourselves to an amazing four course dinner at Maison Akira, French cuisine with a Japanese flair.  After the Lobster Bisque and Duck Foie Gras I have no memory.  The following could have been our desserts.

IMG 7930

IMG 7929

 Back to some sense of reality with a Saturday Brush Painting class in the studio.  I’m in awe of Amy and her precious children. Grace and Faith are simply adorable and Bradford is sooooo talented. (They all are!)

IMG 7943

IMG 7945A perfect day!

IMG 7951

  Kita had to have her time with Grace and Faith!

IMG 7955

  O.K., so we’re back to tea time are we?   This one in The Living Room at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills to celebrate Laurie Pie’s birthday! (She LOVES pie!)

IMG 8028

IMG 8041

 Lulu and Elizabeth were new to Tom’s Calligraphy class, held in the studio on the first Saturday of each month, and LOVED it!

IMG 8110

 Diana is a certified ‘Search and Rescue’ with years of training.  So cute!

IMG 8130

 Here’s her dog Pepper with new booties for that rough terrain.  Not too happy!

IMG 8132

 They have to learn how to get into helicopters and all sorts of rescue activities.

IMG 8135

Amy closed out the birthday celebrating for yours truly at Bouchon Bistro.  We always have to have the Goose Pate! Thank you Amy!IMG 8158

 Beautiful Valerie treated for a luncheon at Celestino’s celebrating dear Adriana, from  the NASA team in from D.C.  working on a new project at JPL. 

IMG 8184

 Carol, Adriana, someone and Valerie…..

IMG 8186

 We all got NASA team member pins.  WOW!

IMG 8183

 And my favorite, Panna Cotta for desert!

IMG 8205

With Thanksgiving approaching I know we’re all filled with gratitude and love.

IMG 7817May blessings abound for you and all those you hold dear!

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