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…and a great joy is anytime I can spend with Beautiful Mary.  We started the year with dinner at the Bistro Gardens, one of my favorite spots for sharing friendship in a lovely surrounding. 

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but if I did, for sure it would be to spend more time with my dear friends.  Friendship is such a great gift and must be treasured but also nourished.IMG 9874

I’ve mentioned many times what an amazing hostess dear Amy is.  So, when I was invited to take part in a family celebration I didn’t have to think twice.  Isn’t it wonderful to be included in such special moments! When you’re as close as family you know you’ve found a place in their hearts and that should never be taken for granted.  Which reminds me…When Charles and I were dating he said, ‘You can take me for granted’.  Heck no!  Let’s not ever take anyone or anything for granted is my motto!

IMG 9843

Having Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow teach Calligraphy on the first Saturday of each month has been such a joy throughout the years.  Tom is such an incredibly gifted artist and teacher and one learns so much on so many levels.  If you’ve never been to one of Tom’s classes, why not drop in one Saturday…you’ll be enriched beyond description!  It’s about so much more than Chinese Calligraphy!!!IMG 9854

 You know how much I love Pam Tom, writer, producer, director of ‘TYRUS: BRUSHSTROKES IN HOLLYWOOD’.  When Pam asks me to car sit for her I always am delighted because I know I’ll get some extra time to talk and reminisce. I’m in awe of her work, not only the magnificent documentary on Tyrus but a moving and tender one she did on ‘Mothers and Daughters’.  A real tearjerker but wonderful.

IMG 9856

David still says he’s having fun……I’m excited that he’s come up with a better solution for replacing the maple floor at the entrance to the studio. I’m still pinching myself that he would not only solve this very complicated problem for me but be happy to do it.  Now that’s an ANGEL!IMG 9868

 I taught a Landscape class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens for years and then switched it over to the studio with a break in the series for a couple of years, re-starting because interested seemed so high and we’ve had so much fun.  If you’e interested, the series meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Chinese, Japanese, Korean Landscape painting all have the Chinese scholars as the base line.  For the Japanese artists the rocks and mountains appear much more angular as they do in Japanese gardens.  Interesting.

IMG 9891

 Of course, it’s all about Kita and we have great fun with her antics. Life with a DOG!  She’s such a naughty girl but they do say it’s the owners fault and I accept full responsibility for that.  Me bad!

One of the several chapeaus we tried on Kita for ‘National Hat Day’.

IMG 9935

And the winner is…..IMG 0038

 Dear Trudy walks puppy every morning and felt a stern lecture was in order for her last bout of destructtoedog. It’s a wonder she didn’t electrocute herself chewing into all those wires.

IMG 0014

 Eileen and David are just too adorable, brilliant and all around angels.  The just adopted little Luci to keep Molly company.  I wonder if that’s what Kita needs….Maybe not.

IMG 0049

I was delighted to find this book in the office on ‘INTEGRATED CIRCUITS’ that Charles co-wrote with his fellow study group members in the Harvard Business School MBA program.IMG 0035

 It would be even better if I could understand any of it!!!

IMG 0036

 Audrey and Hal hosted a lovely tea for us at the Peninsula.

IMG 0033

 You know how much I love showing off Lissi Kaplan’s beautiful hand painted china.

IMG 0029

 Laurie ‘Pie’ comes over to the house if there isn’t a movie we want to see and it’s always been so special.  Me thinks it’s her fantabulous garlic bread!  Oh the company is wonderful too, you know that!

IMG 0055

 Laurie even brings a healthy salad.  (Perhaps it’s to balance the bread!)

IMG 0057

 Can you believe this?  The two of them can’t wait for that yumminess! Nikka stayed late just for this treat!

IMG 0069

 I’m excited too!  Kita mistakingly thinks she can get in on it.

IMG 0073

 See….Just look at that yummy goodness!

IMG 0074

Time for class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. This would have to be at the top of my list for ‘Joyful Living’!

I just love Maggie and that’s the end of that!

IMG 0077

 Sweet Iris is so adorable…..Besides the fact that she feeds me every class day, she’s doing wonderfully.  Everyone loved this miniature Iris entered in a special ‘Miniature’ show.  See, you don’t have to be all complicated.  A few simple strokes and you have a treasure!

IMG 0076

 David MacLaren, Curator of the Huntington’s Asian Gardens, stopped by to say hi.

IMG 0075

Say what?IMG 2436

I could not be prouder of my amazing students.  What joy they bring me!IMG 2442

 Back to nesting.  Amy, Lisa and I settled down with popcorn for movie time.

IMG 0093

 Of course the popcorn is not enough to sustain life so Amy brought over this delicious assortment of treats.  Again, puppy wants in on it!

IMG 0088

In between the raindrops we dance!IMG 0087

 Rain or shine, may your days be filled with joy!

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