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And you know who you are!
Lunch with my cuties, Sandie and Lisa Girl.IMG 0662
Laurie Pie and Kita have a major discussion about who gets dinner……IMG 0853
Chinese from Gourmet 88 is the very best!IMG 0855
Sandie Girl was brave enough to tackle my Chicken/cheese Enchilada…..IMG 0882
It kinda oozes out all over but the taste is pretty good……
IMG 0878
 Back to Bar Verde after a very long absence…It’s always a joy to be with Beautiful Mary…..
IMG 0886
 Their tacos are unusual and quite tasty……
IMG 0888
 Favorite place, favorite person….At Julienne’s with dear Maggie. There quiche with a spinach crust is beyond belief!
IMG 0894
 Maggie spotted this table of total cell phone users….too funny or too sad.  You decide.
IMG 0895
Finally, an artery clogging lunch with cousin Carol at Art’s in Studio City. That’s a chocolate egg cream you see next to my hand.  I am sooooo bad!
IMG 1028
Seriously, what was I thinking?  This was so high it was jaw breaking! Verdict?  Langer’s next time.
IMG 1026
The Loquats are ready to harvest.  Two trees from one amazing Italian seed.IMG 0857May all your days be joyfully fruitful!

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