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First stop for the day was the American Museum of Natural History….Fullsizeoutput 17067
We had tickets to see a 3D show on Bird Migration…
Fullsizeoutput 1704c
The main event was the Hayden Planetarium for the Space Show ‘Dark Universe’.  I’ve seen other space shows there and they’re always spectacular moving you into a ‘space’ of wonder at the beauty and depth of creation! Not sure why there aren’t more photos….perhaps because we were so overwhelmed…Fullsizeoutput 1704d
You can’t see the dinosaurs head which is so very small, perhaps accounting for their extinction!IMG 5553
Is it possible to visit NYC without a carriage ride through Central Park?  I know there’s a tremendous controversy about this and I absolutely agree but instead of asking that they be stopped I think a fund should be established to better care for the horses.IMG 5575
God bless you Wilson….We know your life needs more nurturing care…..IMG 5605
I had wanted to lunch at the Loeb Boat House but it was impossible to get in.  Most of all I love the ‘Birder’s Book’ just outside the entrance where people write of their sightings! Remembering how wonderful the Tavern on the Green was in years past made the current space a tremendous disappointment…IMG 5660
Outside, worker bees were getting ready for the New York Marathon…..IMG 5613
 No time to linger, we had to head back to the Four Seasons to get ready for our big night out, driver and all….First, dinner at La Masseria….Too noisy and way too busy.  A most typical NYC Italian restaurant.  This was the shared antipasti….So much that I could hardly handle the fish course.  Dessert was such a disappointment I won’t even show it to you and then it was out the door…driver James awaiting us as we headed for the Shubert Theatre.
IMG 5691
Tickets? Who cares….you still have to stand in line……IMG 5703
Finally….IMG 5702
And yes, she was perfect….a national treasure of a performer….The audience went wild!IMG 5717
Fullsizeoutput 17040
Yet again, James awaited us and I was so grateful as it would have been impossible to navigate the evening without him.
IMG 5722
Hello Nikka!!!IMG 5726
Our last day in NYC began with a visit to National Graphic’s brand new show..’Encounter Ocean Odyssey’
IMG 5745
Then we were off to Grand Central Station in the pouring rain!  I forgot the Oyster Bar is closed on Sundays….what a disappointment as I had planned on lunch there but the Four Seasons worked out just fine…IMG 8672
Time to say a fond goodbye to NYC but what will remain in our hearts more than the sights and many adventures are the wonderful people we met along the way, the chance encounters and the meaningful conversations that will long linger in our hearts!
IMG 5308
 May you have many grand adventures!

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