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Well, that’s what dear Carol Soucek King called it as the actual date of my birthday had passed.  It was a glorious celebration nonetheless hosted by Carol at the Athenaeum. Imagine, even a special menu ‘Luncheon With Nan Rae’!

Carol makes sure that everyone is not only acknowledged but warmly praised. Gayle Garner Roski, multi-talented artist, traveler and storyteller is to the left. I hadn’t seen Lynn van Dam Cooper, seen on the right, since our Pasadena Showcase House days.  Lynn does the most amazing pen and ink studies of not only Pasadena Showcase houses but I’d say many of the homes in Southern California have been enhanced by her work!

I was delighted to have lovely Elaine Adams seated next to me so we could have time to talk.  Elaine is the Executive Director of the California Art Club and the wife of artist extraordinaire Peter Adams!

Great fun seeing Kathy Luppen Rose and remembering the talk I gave in her home on the Literati/Gentlemen Scholars of China. I don’t know how I missed getting a photo of my precious Lisa Bowman, aka Lisa DiVita … universal woman and author of ‘Shattered Peacock’, a must read!

Everyone loves Sally Beaudette as she always knows just the most perfect, kind thing to say…..

Thank you dear Carol for the loveliest, most memorable day!

Happy me!

Nestled inside Brand Park is a lovely Japanese Garden where Grandmaster Don Baird gave the most insightful talk on writing Haiku.

An accomplished artist, musician and composer,  Grandmaster Baird is also the Grandmaster of the American School of Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Baird has several of his Haiku books available on Amazon.
Off to the final dress rehearsal of Rigoletto with beautiful Amy. 
Our favorite place at the Music Center is the ladies room in the Founder’s Room.  😂

I so hope you had a chance to be at one of the performances…..we loved it!

Intermission …. time for wine and nibbles…

After the performance, we had a lovely dinner that was just for members of the Bella Voce Society….

….with a special treat of having Plácido Domingo speak to us!

Yes, we’re definitely fans of L A Opera!

Precious Maggie and I spent Mother’s Day at the Langham.  The Royce has the most amazing buffet on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter.  We’ll be going back on Father’s Day for sure!

Everyone received a beautiful long-stemmed rose.  I wonder if we’ll get a cigar on Father’s Day!

I don’t want to forget the special luncheon at the Huntington Botanical Gardens honoring The Arabella and Henry Huntington Heritage Society.  A wonderful fringe benefit.

Thank you dear Cris Lutz for the beautiful ‘birthday’ flowers!

I don’t think it’s even possible to live more joyfully.  This is what I wish for you each and every day!

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