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…..because with the cake…you get a candle and with the candle you can make a wish for the person you’re with!
This year’s birthday started early, just about at the beginning of May.  Dear Patricia picked me up and drove to the beach where we both waded into the ocean and had the best time ever.

Included was a conversation with this seagull.

 Next we were off to Moonshadows in Malibu for lunch.

 But wait…there’s more……the cake!  What great fun we had in the Polo Lounge and I think the entire staff joined in!!!

Thank you lovely Patricia for the most memorable of days!
Now how cute is this!!! Kc brought this adorable note and the most fabulous cupcakes ever to the studio class!  Thank you dear Kc!
Laurie Pie presented me with another exotic plant but no instructions for it’s care.  We still haven’t done the B-day thing but hey, I was seven months late for hers!
The May class at the Huntington was so much fun, as always…
It was a special treat to have Jim Folsom stop by!
The added surprise of a Frango Mint  birthday cake baked by the one and only Adorable Lulu was as they say ‘The frosting on the cake!!!”
Thank you dear Lulu…You really are the cutest!
Awesome Maggie planned a delightful evening at A Noise Within……
….and was a conspirator, keeping me out late so Nikka could finish her birthday surprise and was it ever a surprise! First, the cake!  
And yes, we had cake at 1:00 A.M. and then I was told there was something in the office. Now what on earth could this be???
Can you imagine opening that huge box and having all those balloons pop out?  Nikka had a special theme going on and if you ask…I’ll tell!
Precious Diana Ming Jeong and Lee Powers, her handsome Prince gave me these beautiful flowers…Can you tell they’re designed by Amy at Le Jardin Priv√©?
Nikka thought I needed another cake!
On May 18th, my actual birthday, it was off to The Peninsula Hotel with Amy for what turned out to be a three candle day. Cake number one at The Roof Garden….
Then it was off to the spa….
Dinner in The Belvedere gave me the second candle…
Then it was off to The Living Room to be serenaded by their pianist and have the third candle!
Kert and Maryam get ready to photograph the surprise birthday cake at their house held by Dave & Alexis.  What a fun evening along with Izabela and Wayne. 
Here’s the cake….See the candle?
Thank you Maria, Bridget and Nikka for the party time at Chado’s in Pasadena.
WOW, two candles…..That called for singing Happy Birthday twice!
A day at the beach and lunch at Nobu’s.  Is anything better?
With another candle!
Thank you dear Clara for a perfect day!
For a good time call Silvet…..She is so much fun you won’t stop laughing! Lunch with her and Amy at Gale’s in Pasadena was no exception.
Two cakes, two candles and did Silvet ever light up when it was desert time!  We could have skipped lunch!
Well, why not keep the celebrating going.  Super fun on the patio with Bridget, Maria and Nikka!
And yes, a delicious Peach Birthday cake, candle and all!
I’ve decided you can’t top a candle atop a chocolate Mochi at Din Tai Fung so even though there are two more candles in my future this year I’m closing this blog with a big thank you shout out to dear Lynne and Kc for the most hysterical time ever.
If you’ve been counting there were 14 candles and that’s a whole lot of cake and wonderful wishes for my beautiful friends!

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