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What a great day!

After parking the car Nikka and I were shuttled to the event, passing so many interesting buildings on the huge  Universal Studio’s lot.

I’ve been to these before so I was prepared to go crazy seeing all the animals.  The most fun ever was once in Beverly Hills where the small animals were caged off in an area for the little kids to play in. Of course Charles gave me the assignment of going in with them and catching a chicken for a photo opp.  Have you ever tried to catch a chicken? 😂
First stop Freckles, the sweet cow….Yes, she’s real.

Next the area holding the precious lambs, goats, ducks and ducklings plus one very little piggy! You could no longer get in there and play with them. (Also, it was a much smaller setup.)

The ducks really have attitude.  Good for them!

How often do you get to pet a Llama?

Next we got a bunch of raffle tickets…

There were food stations set up in several places and lots of seating everywhere.  The food was delicious…I had a tamale and the best rib ever plus one yummy salad I had to get extras on! There was some custardy thing with fresh corn that was sensational!  I passed on all the fantastic deserts…

After that I felt like Blue, the 500 + pound pig! I get why George Clooney had one of these!

We weren’t quite sure of this were we…..

Good idea!

What’s wonderful is that only female animals are sent to the various countries and then the recipients are to give the first offspring to another family.

I was even less sure of Orlando, the water buffalo, after being cautioned not to pet him but so happy to remember all our sightings of them in China!

Buck, the steer, was much more accomodating.

The ‘Year of The Pig’ is rapidly approaching and Moby is ready for his closeup.

Hey, I almost missed this….How is that possible?

Nikka got to feed the lambs…It’s a little slimy but thrilling!

….and I petted just about everything in sight!

Later on we sat down on one of the many bales of hay and listened to the auctioneer….

They had a brilliant setup …Select volunteers had iPads and went about when you raised your hand and locked in your credit card right away!
Just a thought….You can get all manner of animals from chickens to an ox or how about a whole ark for $5,000.  What a great birthday or Christmas gift for any animal and people lover …this little lamb would be so grateful!

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